• bodomfan81

    installing neck pickup into alexi guitar

    Hi i was wondering if anyone installed a neck pickup on alexi guitar? i am just looking some advice if i should do it. The guitar shop in my town said they could do it, but i wonder if they can do a good job. is it worth it? i have edwards e-al-120.

    • thehitman47

      IMO u shouldnt do it. just get a better pickup for the bridge. installing a neck pickup on it would cost alot of money but it all the depends on the guy whos doing it though.

    • N3rdAl3rt

      just get a better pickup for the bridge.
      i don't think thats what hes getting at

      anyway, ask the guy at ur guitar shop how much it'll cost and ask him if hes done it before and shit, if he has and can do a good job not for a ridiculous price, sure why not, but otherwise, be cautious, cuz you don't want to ruin ur guitar

      • bodomfan81

        yeah thanks for the advice. i am gonna ask the guy. this place is supposed to be some custom guitar shop, they make guitars, make pickups and stuff. but the quality i am not sure about that. I will have to talk to them to find. I have to be cautious, cos the guy can just bullshit me and lie to me that yeah yeah we do that.

    • asbloodrunsblack

      hmm i'd say no , but its up to u . one idea would be to put a Emg 89 in the bridge , as u can coil-tap it to a single coil pickup . that'd be good for cleans etc.

    • kingkobra813

      yeah im in the process of putting a neck pickup in my alexi. i routed it out. and have the pickup but i have not gotten the ring to install the pickup. it really was not that hard. i just cut the paint with a razor blade so it wouldnt chip when i routed it.

    • bodomfan81

      hmm, majority thinks it's a bad idea.

    • kingkobra813

      yeah i just went for it. ive asked before and majority said it was a bad idea before. but i figure i would gain a neck pickup if i succeded.

      • Casey K

        yeah i just went for it. ive asked before and majority said it was a bad idea before. but i figure i would gain a neck pickup if i succeded.

        ya dude i dont see why all these guys are so scared of doing shit to there guitar. i was the one routing the king kobras guitar and to tell ya the truth i think just about anyone could do it if u know how to rout a hole in a block of wood or just know how to use a router then i think ur clear sailin

        alls you will need is an exacto knife.. a marker.. double sided tape.. a rouder.. a pickup jig.

        first thing ya wana do is find your center line and pit the jig in the perfict spit remember you will have a ring going around the pick up so make room for that and just draw on the guitar (thats the first scarry part) haha..
        step 2..get an exzacto knifeand make sure you have the blade at about a 20% angile so it dosnt crack the wrong way IT WILL CRACK but thats not bad if you cut it like a corck screw top with the 20%..
        3rd thang.. pit the jig back on with some killer dub sided tape so it wont move around the fretboard will be in the way of the jig so you might have to modifie the jig..
        4th step route the mother fucker by now you have checked every thing about 100 times becuz you are about to jump off a cliff if it dosnt pan ouy or just cry like a little boy and we dont want any a that so make sure! you will have to have a bit that has a bering on the top of the bit veary in portant and dont take to much off at a time only about a 8th of an inch
        5th step.. if ya did it all good you will be jumpin up and down and goin around showin everyone you acompleshment now you can drill the 4 screw holes put some blue tape down then drill them out with the same size bit as your screws now ya wana drill a hole big enough that your wirein will go through it now you want to paint the wood with anything at all wood likes to move as all us men on the board know so make it not with a finish put in your pickup with the ring and there ya have it you got a fuckin sick ass custom that no ones got

        and i think mr king kobra was the first to do this life or death oporation so hands down madam

    • ESPKH4

      i agree with most dont do it...you have to route the body and that changes the sound and characteristics of the guitar, just upgrade the bridge pickup save the money