• xchumfiestax

    schaller question

    I've been told that because of the new schaller design, they cant be drilled out for thicker strings.

    anybody know of any ways around this?

    • xchumfiestax

      i want to use a 56 for the low b

      I prefer drop B but I'm in drop C with a 54 set right now

    • jmann

      how do u change strings with the schaller???

      • BoD

        Has anyone played through one of these amps yet?

        I'm going to trade my TSl in this weekend, It hasn't worked correctly since I bought it. I had a show Sat. night and during set up I kept blowing the main fuse. I don't even want to try to fix it. I'm 150 miles from the nearest repair shop and it's just not worth it. I don't think that I would feel confident going on stage with this amp again. So I was told from Sam Ash that they would trade up to a JVM 210H, but I don't know anyone who has used one.

        Any input would be great.