• Henrik M. Arnesen

    String thickness bass

    I have a 5string bass (Ltd b55) with standard (?) string thickness that is tuned a half step up to C-F-B#-E#-G.
    I feel that the strings are to hard and was wondering about getting ligther string, but I have no idea what standard thickness is on bass.
    Can someone please advice me?

    Sorry for bad phrasing, second language and all that:P

    • Basslaughter

      There's not really a standard gauge, it depends on your preferences and tuning, the lower it is, the thicker they should be.

    • Gisornator

      First of all it is gauge and not "thickness" ;). I asked a friend (bass player) and he told me that most basses come with 45-100, sometimes 45-105. I don't know if they can be called 'standard'. Hope that helps :)

    • Seb G.

      standard would be like 45-130. You could try 1 gage bigger, maybe like 50-135, would be plenty "thick" as you mentionned:-) for the kind of tunning you're looking for. Too big is (in my opinion) unconfertable to play.

    • Carl N.

      Currently 5 string LTD basses come from the factory with 45-125 Cleartone bass strings.  These are considered "Medium" strings.  Lighter gauge sets typically range from 35-120.  If moving down to a lighter gauge string be mindful that the nut for your instrument was slotted for the medium gauge strings and may require work to play properly with the new smaller strings.