Question about custom shop V's

Question about custom shop V's

Hi, might be a silly question but I'm looking into ordering a custom ESP and I've noticed that on the custom shop form there are two options for V shaped guitars. There is Alexi V and ESP V. I'm guessing the Alexi V is the same shape as his signature models, but I was wondering if the ESP V refers to the old V series where both points of the V were the same length (like the old Dave Mustaine signature models and similar to a Jackson King V) or if it referred to the newer Arrow style V. I love the older V series with the points the same length and if the ESP V listed in the order form is the same shape then that's the one I would want as I'm not a huge fan of the Arrow shape. 

Again, sorry if it's a silly question, but I would really like some clarification as I don't particularly want to spend money on a guitar if I won't like the end product. Thanks!


It would be best to talk to the dealer that you are ordering through. I was able to order a NV from the custom shop in 2018 but had to work through my dealer to specify it. I would think you would just have to do the same thing and let them know you want Mustaine style of V.

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