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    Going to write another guide to ESP explorer 101 collecting...

    I wrote one about 15 years ago and I think it had some incorrect info but now I have pics and serials to show solid facts when it comes to ESP explorers over the years. Only thing I never paid attention to was the bolt on models sold in the USA so I may need help with those. Some fun facts I discovered.

    90's era Bell truss rod EXPs had black andonized brass nuts. Yes those black nuts are made of brass many people don't realize this because the coating of black is thick but look closesly were the string rests, you can see brass.

    MX220s had two different two screw truss rod covers, early models had the Gibson "bell" and later 89-90 models had the "tulip"

    Some things I am trying to look for or prove, MX250 with the MX220 Tulip 2 screw truss rod cover, Hetfield's early MX250s had them. Where these just prototypes or did any production ones have it?

    Anyways, I'm going to put it together as a free E-book or three to four page pdf for people to have at no charge since there is not a lot of easy to find info out there on collecting these.

    If anyone has noticed any distinct production variation like for example early MX220s had a "step" in the neck joint and no volute in the neck by the headstock. Please post your observations here I want to cover every detail down to the input jacks.

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