• Tyberos

    Custom order draft

    Hi all.


    I submitted a custom order request through an ESP dealer in California back in June. I received my quote about 3 weeks later. The dealer requested a draft of the guitar (specifically the neck/fretboard) so that I could be absolutely certain it is what I wanted before I put a deposit on the order. The draft was requested mid July but still hasn't come, any idea how long it takes to get one?

    BTW - the order is going through the Tokyo shop.


    Thanks for the help! 

    • Lee w.

      I sent in a custom order about the same time you did and this is my first one. I sent in my mock up but didnt request the draft. I assume if you requested it they will send it. Its been kinda difficult to not have any direct contact with the Japanese branch, BUT ESP's are meticulously made. Depending on your request (mine is a combination of alot of features they have never done before) I would assume you'll get it. It sucks but youll have to be patient. I cant imagine they make your guitar without your approval. I assume you already put money down?

    • Tyberos

      Haven't put any money down yet at the advice of the dealer I'm going through.

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