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    Hi guys! I've a great news...

    After years and years of interrogatives on how it works, after looking lot of serials, I think I've understand how works the old format of serial numbers (before the introduction of the new system in 2000). If this is true I think I'm really helpfull for a lot of people here...

    But I want the flag of "discoverer" of this!

    Before year 2000 - 8 DIGITS stamped on the back of the headstock, I think the meaning is:

    DD = day of the month (01 to 31)
    MM = month (01 to 12)
    Y = last digit of the year (ex: 1992 = 2)
    NNN = production number (000 to 999) (I really don't know if there's another subdivision here)

    NOTE: year "7" can mean 1987 or 1997, "8" can mean 1988 or 1998...etc...you have to look at the model in production that year
    EXAMPLE: the code of my MX-250 25023072 means the manufacturing date is 25.02.1993 and it was the 72nd guitar producted


    For now all the guitars I've checked are right with this meaning...Let me know what you think about!!!


    I also invite you to visit my website, is still under construction...but check it!


    • jc986

      Cool, thanks for the info.

    • antikue

      A worthwhile effort to be sure, just not sure at all this is true. I have two 8 digit ESP's, the first is a Jackson headstock Horizon from 80's/early 90's and the other is a made to order M-II with a flame top. Both begin with '24'. In fact I've only seen one 8-digit serial that doesn't begin with 24 or 25, and as far as I understand the Japanese dates are in MM/DD/YY format like in the US. Another problem is the inferred daily production volume - my CS M-II suggests more than 700 guitars per day - not even Fuji-gen can crank out stuff at that rate I wish this formula was correct as I would like to know more about my guitars, but even ESP couldn't date my Horizon - not even the year.

    • GuitarsCollector

      Trust me ... I ve seen a lot of serials begin with a lot of numbers...from 01 to 31.

      I have NOT written last 3 digits are the production per day!!! Maybe is per month!!! Or year...or...I don t know...consecutives...

      But the very important thing is to know the year!!!

      Please post me your serials.

    • Djentleman

      Impressive deduction..thanks mate! Your code's spot on in registering my early 90's custom (serial #: 22101532). 

    • GuitarsCollector

      Wow!! You have an Esp MM-290!!! Very rare and very good guitar!!! The real kirk hammett esp!!!

      • Djentleman

        Thank you so much for the info!!!! I just nabbed it about a week ago from a pawn shop and uncovering any factual info has been a bit difficult...In five minutes of researching the ESP MM-290's though, most of my questions about this guitar are now solved  It really is a phenominal guitar, and the build quality out-surpasses every other guitar I own!! Also awesome job with your website..I remember stumbling upon it when trying to date an early 2000's KH2 I picked up some months ago and it was an extremely helpful resource!! If you're still expanding your KH2 serial list, mine has headstock serial (K-23123) and neckplate serial (40172)..so it seems like it could date to 2002?

      • GuitarsCollector

        Yes I think is very probably one made in 2002...but I miss data on this year...do you have any esp papers or c.o.a. to confirm 2002?

    • Djentleman

      I wish I did..I got it second-hand with no paperwork. I emailed ESP customer support about a week ago to help verify a date and see if they'd be able reproduce a COA. Once they get back to me I'll update the thread and post any new info.

    • GuitarsCollector

      Ok let me know!


      • Djentleman

        So it took a little longer than expected to here back from esp support and unfortuanately the best they could do was verify the kh2 is early 2000's. If i can find more info and verify the exact year i"ll update and let you know

    • GuitarHitler G.

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    • GuitarsCollector

      I think your guitar is from 2001 quite for sure....

      I have proof of K-22957 and K-23078 are from 2001 (c.o.a.).

    • antikue

      Sorry for the delay, here they are..

      The Horizon came with the ESP Syn-clair bridge, swapped it for the OFR since I had one around. For preference

      The M-II on the right is a 2011 model, that is for sure.

      The middle M-II is 24078703

      The Horizon Custom is 24108292


      It's possible they are 1998 and 1988, respectively, but the production number is suspect. I'm pretty sure the M-II in the middle is a custom order.

      (Why did the pic come out so foggy?)

    • GuitarsCollector

      I think you're right...why you think the production number is suspect?

    • antikue

      It's just that  I don't think it could possibly be a daily volume - too big a number. There's a thread on Guitars at Bmusic forum about a 1999 ESP M-II Custom, that is almost exactly like my flame top M-II and a guy close to ESP deduced it was made in 1999. The serial for that blue wonder is 25099957.

    • GuitarsCollector

      (You are the second tell me this...please read the post before.)

      I have NOT written last 3 digits are the production per day!!! Maybe is per month!!! Or year...or...I don t know...probably are only consecutives numbers...

      The serial you telling me perfectly fitting my solution...made in 1999...as the 5th digit say.


    • simo666

      My MX-220 has a SN 14069796  so i would summise that it was made in 14 june 1989, but i am not sure about the 796 thats seems the issue here

      Mine does NOT have the step in joint but DOES have round recesed jack connector , It does look and feel right only one issue on paing on bottom of froint wing , I realy would love a black 220 they look special and i have seen a clearcote on ont he bay years ago ok 

      • GuitarsCollector

        The 796 for me is simply a concsecutive number.

        Your specs fit perfectly for an mx.220 made in 1989. No step. Look at my site for other info about your guitar and please send me pics!!! Your guitar is very rare! Are you thinking to sell it?

    • Lasse L.

      hm, that'd mean my Jackson-headstock MI Custom was made on the 70th day of a month?

      Serial is


      My late 80ies custom shop Rhoads' serial is

      04865 (neck plate)

      My "handbuilt in California" MII Deluxe is serial

      60504 (neck plate)


      My ealry 90ies MII Deluxes serial is something like that as well...so NONE of my pre-2000 ESPs match that serial fromat from the OP...