• Mat D.

    finds an old OUIJA

    Hi everybody,

    I need the power of ESP Followers... I'm new in the forum, because i dont have a good relation with technology...

    My wife said me: "you are like a bear with an Iphone between paws" totally useless...

    So, i stop with this bullshit. I know, a lot of people don't like a new member, who start his "forum career" for sell or buying guitars...

    But i am tired to hunt and hunt, without find my last guitar, for close my collection... I decide to try this opportunities,


    sorry guys...


    I search a '93/'98 Ouija, i know ESP release only 62 pieces 12 skull/cross, 45 crescent and opposite Moon/Stars.

    Is very difficult find one, almost impossible in good condition, but i wanna try ask you...

    So, in fact i can offer up 6k depend condition, year, coa or no coa, case, and type of inlay, someone can help me?


    Thanks for collaboration



    • Big Daddy B

      There was one on ebay recently that didn't sell for 4500. Search completed items.

    • Mat D.

      Thanks Big Daddy B, I had seen it, I contacted the owner but he changed his mind, too much love for this beauty, and the auction has closed ...

    • Skoggy

      So... Say I got a '98 Ouija, no fretwear, one small scratch on the back, aswell a a thin crack through the paint from the trussrod cover to the edge of the head(only through the paint, no crack in the wood). No COA, as the guitars ordered from Europe didn't come with any(Got the hang tag, though). Original case. All that said, I'm a greedy bastard, and won't let her go for pennies and dimes as she's my pension fond.  

      PM me for pictures/info.

    • Viperzzz

      Hi Mat.

      I have an Ouija but I'm not looking to sell it right now, I'm a bit emotionally attached to it you see. You know in the future though I may change my mind ( as I have done about other things which I also thought I would "never sell")


      I sent you a friend request if you would like to approve that so you can private message me if you would like to stay in contact.



    • Oscar Y.

      Hi~I have an ESP KH-2 Ouija with case(moon&star/black) looking for buyer.

      Mine Ouija is '96 , ond of the #49. It's 100% original and the serial # is K-21159.

      The condition is well , the body got some tiny scratches and some rust in metal parts,but the paint and wood's parts is still nice and very beautiful.

      PM me for pictures&info. 


    • angel M.

      Hi, anybody with a 90s Ouija for sale here may contact me? i'm not able to find the damm pm setting :S

      please mail me 0sanchez.marques@gmail.com


      found it

    • Big Daddy B

      There's one up on ebay right now if you're still looking.

    • ESP 348

      I have another list of Ouija guitars that I got off this forum many years which will help you compile your Ouija list Guitar Collector.

      Included in the list I have added details from what I was told by owners and members of their guitars.

      Included is the serial number of mine, which I don't see in your list. There may be others in my list that are not in yours. You can work it all out.

      I also have a pic of the back of the neck/serial number for another one that you have in your list. I might have other pics also, it's been a while since I looked at my list.

      Send me a PM when you have time and I will forward the list and details onto you.

      Cheers Pap


    • ESP 348

      Your guitar looks awesome Oscar! These guitars are so cool! I never plan to sell mine.