• MiniMajs

    ESP MX or ESP Fake?

    Considering buying this used mx250 that, according to it's serial is produced in 08. I'm wondering if anyone can tell for sure if it's the real deal or a chinese copy since esp seem reluctant to answer me if the serialnumber is legit or not.

    • Dr. Tongue

      Fake I believe. I think one of the pics may be of a genuine though.  Now that I have a chance to browse on a laptop rather than a phone, that last picture of the bridge and string saddle is pretty suspect (although it might be the angle of the picture).  Avoid like the plague.  

    • Gfunk

      Why are the pics so small and of shitty quality?  What is the complete serial number, and why no pic of it? What is the asking price?  Is there a case or gigbag?  Details man!

      If the seller is legit, they are probably asking a sizable amount of cabbage and should be more than willing to provide excellent quality pics and as many as you request.

      Don't you agree?

    • mx_250

      Well this guitar ended up at my house... And its real I can guarantee you all its genuine.  Since I already own 2 I know exactly what to look for to find out if its a fake or not.


      I have 1 black ESP MX250 that I bought used and another black ESP MX250 CUSTOMSHOP that I bought brand new.


      Go check me out on instagram if you so like. ( mx_250 ) 


      Serialnumber on MX250 starts with the letter ( K )


      And replicas / fakes have different fonts for the serialnumber... The real ESP all use the same kind.


      And the Nut is made of carbon fiber... Replicas from rareelectricguitars and other replica sellers does NOT come with Carbon Fiber nut.


      Some ESP MX250 comes in a gigbag. But with paper from ESP and so on... 


      But I can agree these picures are maybe not the best. But I went there ofc and inspected it very hard before handing over any money. 


      Thanks!  / Paul