• Mgdth616

    ESP Roope RS-II & Alexi Laiho Arrowhead for sale

    Selling my two ESPs. Can't post pics so email me for some! Both guitars are in fantastic condition.

    Alexi - Excellent/slightly used
    ~ $3,500.00 shipped in US.

    Custom ordered from 2007. 
    Has a passive EMG HZ-H4 and active gain boost with switch, last frets are NOT scalloped at the end. 
    Played 10 hours total?
    Always kept in the case, never on a stand or hung on the wall. 
    No chips, dents, nicks, marks, scratches, swirls etc...
    The ONLY thing is some light oxidation on the bridge which could easily be cleaned off. Frets are just like the day it came home and fretboard is clean.

    Roope - Needs cleaned and set up (9/10).
    ~ $3,300.00 shipped in US

    Purchased from D.C.G.L. in late 2010 and this is 1 of 2 they let in the states. The owner of the store told me he had a hell of a time getting ESP Japan allowing a couple over here.

    Basically same specs as Alexi, only difference is the gain boost on this guitar is always on, so there is no switch. The last few frets ARE scalloped on this model.

    Body is immaculate, no dents, chips etc... Always stored in the case.
    The only issue with this guitar is the bridge - I played it when I first got it and let it sit in the case, the oxidation is a little worse on the bridge, but if you soak it in WD40 for a half a day or so and wipe it off it will be new looking again. I've done it on some other Floyd guitars I have and it works great.
    It also needs to be set up. It has basically been sitting in a case for 3 and half years and not tuned when I put new strings on in 2011