• elblotto00

    M-II Custom Help

    Hey Guys!

    New to the forum-have a quick question

    Does anybody know how i can get any info on my m-II custom?

    Ill put some pics up soon of it,it is a hum/single,24 fret ebony,ivory binding,heavy as shit.

    I cannot find any reference on the web anywhere about this particular model,and the only pic i have ever seen similar is one with BucketHead.

    Some have told me it is extremely rare,and might be worth some serious $$$,either way,I love it,and have owned it for over 15 years now.

    Let me know if you can direct me to some info.

    BTW-I emailed ESP about 10 years ago with the s/n,and they said it was a made in Japan model,and they had no info


    • Pushead

      It looks to be early 90's.  The "Custom" designation from back then referred to the guitar being neck-through-body, not necessarily custom ordered.  Features look to be fairly typical for the time with the "scult" cutaway for the lower horn and what appears to be the ESP's version of the Floyd (I can never remember the name when I go to type about it).  Here's some advice; don't lose the trem bar, they're fairly difficult to come across.

      Saddly, there's nothing extremely "special" about the guitar, in terms of features or construction.  Probably maple-neck through with alder wings.  It looks like it's in pretty reasonable condition, and if you love it, that's all that really matters. 

      On the market (which is where these guitars usually show up after someone asks about them on a forum), I'd expect to see it go in the $8-900 range.  Possibly lower, possibly higher depending on where you're trying to move it and how long you're willing to sit.

    • elblotto00

      Maple-neck,through alder wings.

      Your opinion has now left any credibility it might,not by me,had.

      Anybody who actually knows anything anything,let me know

    • Pushead


      There's not much opinion in that post.  That's just the story on those guitars.  Here's my similar (slightly older) Mirage Custom before I had it refinished.  With all the nonsense glued onto it, I picked it up for $400.  Yours, in good shape, should sell for considerably more.


      Sorry if my information offended you.