• rossd001

    Help with my Explorer USA Custom

    HI All, first post!!!

    I have had this ESP Explorer USA Custom for ages now but I have no history and not seen anything like it anywhere else.. I paid £1000 about 10 years ago from a music shop in the UK.. It was second hand then??

    It has a number I think its a "081" Stamped on the fretboard?? So I dont think this is a one off custom and may have been one of a number of guitars??

    Came with a ESP hardcase.... Its also a bolt-on neck??

    Anyone have any ideas??

    If you need any more info and photos just ask, I would really like to know this history and age of this guitar???

    Thanks again!!



    • Pushead

      Does it say USA custom at the headstock?  I've never seen one like that.

      However, a US based shop ordered a few (10 comes to mind) natural EXP guitars in the late 90s or so.  Drum City Guitar Land is the company, perhaps you could send them a few pictures and ask if your guitar is one from their run.