• John J.

    Vintage ESP M/KH Custom info ?

    I just got this guitar . It says ESP Custom in the headstock.

    "ESP Custom Guitars" on the back.

    Reverse headstock

    M shaped body with a bolt on neck.

    Skull inlays a la KH models.

    ESP passive pickups

    ESP floyd rose trem


    Any clue about exact model, year .... ?

    • Travis L.

      Give me the serial numbers brotha! Should be one on the back of the headstock and on the plate where it bolts on! 

      • John J.

        Hi Travis ! thanks, unfortunately there is no serial number, it looks like it didnt have one or it was peeled off (theres a mark like if there was a sticker once) . The plate was the only thing replaced and does not have the original one.


        By the way I forgot to say the pickups are not the classic open coils. They have a plastic cover like EMG but with the ESP name on em.

        • Travis L.

          Oh dang! Can you post pictures of it on here! 

          There was probably a "made in Japan" sticker on it.. Post pictures of it bro! 

          • John J.

            Yep that was probably the sticker. 

            It will take me a while to post some pics. It looks just like this one :

            Okay I guess like I cannot link to 3bay. You can find it with the article number 331097188282 on 3bay

            Except for the pickups as I say they are labeled like ESP (centered) instead of EMG (that usually go on the right side) but the cover is the same, black, plastic, no poles showing

            • Travis L.

              I know that they featured the ESP m-ii custom or an m-ii delux with skull and bones back in the day! It was basically Kirks sig but before it was an official sig in a catalog you may have gotten one of those! I know it shows up in an early 90's catalog with no KH initials at the head stock. You can go on the Russian ESP site and look at the catalogs. And also those old catalogs hardly gave you any info on the guitar like they do today! Lol 

    • Pushead

      Except for the passive pickups it sounds like an early 90's ESP M-II Deluxe.  It's essentially a KH-2 before they made it a model.  I have one, too.


    • jed s.

      the custom shop m-ii with the skull n crossbones all said esp custom on headstock. is it the pups that have black covers and have esp in the center on the bottom if so i have seen those before in some of the older models maybe 89ish

    • GuitarsCollector

      Simply an 

      Esp custom M2 with skull & crossbone inlays.

      They made a lot of this model from 1991 to 1993.


    • GuitarHitler G.

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