• Lucas m.


    I am in Canada and i want to make a custom guitar. How do I do it?

    • Skoggy

      I made a post to help you out, but since this fucking forum went pearshaped, I cannot post any links. Thanks for making shit easy when trying to help you out getting clients, ESP. Any time stipulation on when you'll be sorting this bullshit out?

      So, this is what you do. Since I can't post links, I can't directly guide you, but you fill in the custom order form which you can find under FAQ-section on the main website. Then you send the form to your nearest autorized dealer, which in you case would be Intellimix Corp in Quebec, which can be contacted through midivision (att) intellimix. com 

    • boogie20

      Anyone know how much the price goes up for ordering a alreadt existing model with a different color paint job?I was thinking of getting a snakebyte in a matte black finish.

      • vipprimo

        That question is more gauged for ESP customer service or a paint person.

      • Hans B.

        Any little thing you change on an ESP original, ESP USA or maybe even a signature model will cost you much more. Probably $1,000-2000 more than the $4,000 price for most Custom shop models in the catalog. A different paint job, different inlays, binding vs no binding, different ESP logo style. As soon as you change nearly anything you will get a $5-7,000 estimate. I have never ordered a special order custom from ESP, but I know from others that this is the case. They produce guitars in batches just like Mesa Boogie makes batches of certain models at a time. For them to deviate from this, no matter how small the detail, they must give your guitar special attention. It sucks but it's worth the price and wait time if that's what will make you happy.

        Even at BK or McDonalds if you change something on your sandwich, it will take longer for them to serve you. That's just the way things work