• vertharath

    Price of an order.


    I'd like to know how much will cost an order to ESP Custom Shop of making an almost exactly copy of F-350 model but in lefthanded version. By almost exactly copy I mean removing an F-350 inscription from 12th fret and replacing it with a typical marker like on rest of frets (1st, 3rd, 5th, and so one...), and also placing a small graphic of a person at the back of the head of guitar. Everything else (type of wood, shape, pickups, brigde, and so one) would be the same as in original righthanded F-350.

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    PS I'm from Poland and it's quite possible that I made some grammar mistakes above, but I hope that I made my thread understandable. ;)

    • JSHRED

      I guess JDR put it in a fairly universal way, that can be understood everywhere from Poughkeepsie to Pakistan.

      I am working on getting a custom shop Horizon II built for my girl, because although she loves the Horizon II NT that I ordered for her in See-Through Blue, it's not a "Perfect 10" and she'd like a few little things changed. Color, headstock, inlays, etc. Well, keeping in mind you can get a new ESP Horizon II for about $1800 USD, check this out. I got a quote from ESP for a slightly customized Horizon NT II, and the amount was somewhere closer to $7000 to $8000.

      I am still recovering from the shock. What sucks is that they don't itemize the options like Carvin, Suhr or McNaught. You just send them a form and get a dollar amount a couple weeks later. And you are left wondering what exactly made it three times as much as expected. I do think there is a certain drastic upcharge just for even using the custom shop. You could order a Kirk Hammet KH-2 and change a knob and probably get a quote back for $9000 USD. When that's normally a $3000 guitar.

      So, yes, I think this was a very long way of saying:

      You are gonna get raped.

    • shathe

      i thought all guitars made at the custom shops were free...

    • Justinschut

      RANs are awesome