• 1000MilesOfFire

    a couple of questions about a custom order.

    Hello everyone. I'm planning a custom order and I wanted to get some feedback on a few concerns.
    I'm thinking about putting blackouts in it, the body will be mohogany, maple neck, ebony fingerboard. 7 string barritone. So first.. Do you think it will sound ok? Or should I maybe go with Alder? I'm going for thick, heavy, chugga chugga stuff. I dont do a lot of leads.
    Second, are blackouts the same size as emg pickups? If I want to change them out to emgs someday will I have to cut larger holes for them?
    thank you for any help!

    • JSHRED

      Blackouts are the same size as EMG in the 6 string format. I would assume the same for 7 string, but we know what happens when one ASSumes.

      I've played Blackouts in Alder, Basswood and Mahogany, and I think they sound good in them all. To be fair, I don't mess with drop tunings, 7 strings or bari's, and I'm also a lead shredder, so in your case you may benefit from the brightness of alder, to compensate for the low notes and give you back some attack and punch. Mahogany might be unnecessarily warm. But probably still OK.