• Justin Sayn


    Hey, guys. This is my very first post! :D

    So, I have a little problem when it comes to getting good guitars... I'm left handed. Guitars cost twice as more, and most high-end models don't even come left handed! Custom shop is more money than my truck is worth, and finding a dealer who will even search for a left handed model is hard to find.

    I'm aware that the more common models (eclipse, viper, horizon, etc.) do have a left handed option.

    Lately, I've been particular about the Random Star models. I wanted to look at custom shop models, but the RS isn't even an option anymore. And the only way to get it is to pay $4500 and have it shipped from Japan (George Lynch Kamikaze Star). I don't want the Roope Latvala, or Gus G signatures. I want something that's more original.

    So, does anyone know how I can find SV-STD(bloodbath, or pearl bevel) or a Random Star that isn't an signature model? Or is ESP being knobs about having all models be left handed like Gibson is?

    • Geetarguy70

      Dude I am a lefty and have 3 ESP Custon MX-250's, 2 black and 1 white and the black and gray ESP Trucksters and a bunch more. Check Drumcity Guitarland's website. They have a TON of lefty's and often times barely more than the righties. They have the KH-4 with the Fuck You inlay Lefty as well and all the Lynch models. They are a good dealer and have never screwed me over

    • Tony 77

      Esactually,you said it right,custom! and left handed players must forced to spend between 3000 to 5000 dollars for a god damn esp sv standard?

      Bullshit!!!!!! This is Fuckin Scam!!!!! we're sick and fuckin god damn tired of this!!! 

      We want an esp sv standard,the right handed of this model is around 1800-2000 dollars,not a 1 dollar more

      so fuckin make it!!!!!! 

    • Ivan K

      yes indeed, lefthanded guitar always more expensive than the right handed,

      I have a lefthanded friend, he has to speed usd 4000 for a great guitar