• yearofthespider2k3

    A few questions if anyone can help

    I've been looking into getting a custom guitar from a lot of places but pretty much nowhere has exactly what I want or will do exactly what I want. I can go compromise at any old shop. A custom is something I wont drop dime on if I cant get it exactly how I want it. That being said I always end up back to ESP the only guitars aside from a few old 80's Charvels I have played for the last 7 years. Soooo....
    1. Will ESP do red binding? On the form they only say black white and creme I think
    2. Will they do stainless steel fretwire? I know there are some people who get customs and never play them. I however will play the fuck out of mine and living bumfuck Texas when the frets get worn I wont be able to easily find someone to work on them.
    3. Can the headstock be changed to a certain shape like say maybe a jackson headstock?
    4. Can the scale length be changed? Once again the form doesnt specify the scale I want (26.5) it has 24.75, 25.5, and 27. I can settle with 27 but I have played a 26.5 and it felt a little more comfortable than 27.
    5. From what I can tell the older horizons had a more radical carve on the upper horn. Will they do that or does it have to be the newer style?
    6. Can the Eclipse be ordered full thickness or will they only do it at standard thickness?
    THanks in Advance

    • Jan S.

      here's what I think/know/think I know :p

      1. if you pay for red binding, you will get red binding. That's why it's a custom. If that is not an option on the standard form, than order through a dealer (like bmusic). They know how to pass through other options
      2. not for sure, but I guess the same answer goes here as in point 1
      3. if you are NOT a US resident, I'd say it could be done. not completely sure on the Jackson headstock, but I thought this was possible for non US. Again, this is something you should work out with a dealer
      4. Yes
      5. Normally on a horizon, they should be able to make adjustments to your liking
      6. Again not completely sure, but I thought this is also a NON US thing, correct me if I'm wrong.

    • ESP

      1. Yes. Type it in the field instead of using the dropdown.
      2. Yes.
      3. You can design the shape, but they will not do a Jackson headstock.
      4. No. Only 27".
      5. ???
      6. Yes.

    • Llexileon

      If you happen to be placing the order in person through a Japanese craft house.. they'll do any headstock you like :lol

      As for the carve on the upper horn, i presume you mean the conture which almost comes to a raised point that runs down the horn. On a custom shop model or older hand built Horizon, you'll see this is very pronounced because it's a trademark of the ESP Carved top design.

      The production horizon guitars you see today probably have this design feature added with a CNC machine or similar, so it lacks the depth and radical sweep to a fine point, that the hand carved instruments have. They also have slightly thicker finishes compared to Custom shop guitars, so the point is further obscured by the laquer coat.