• younasu

    Original series vs. Order made

    Hello everybody.

    After saving for what seems about an eternity, I'm getting closer to my first ESP and I'm wondering about the rates of the Tokyo custom shop.
    I planned to get myself a Forest-GT. The guitar sells for about 3,000 euros (~4.2k$!) here in Germany, which is a lot compared to the 300,000 yen and less it costs in Japan.
    So instead, I could probably save for an order made Forest guitar if it is not a lot more expensive..
    Don't they hand-build the original Japanese series in their custom shop anyway?

    So my actual question is: How much would that custom guitar cost me if I ordered right from their custom shop? I don't want to bother them with a quote yet.

    90% Forest-GT in see-thru-white ..
    Instead of the humbucker: 2 wood-mounted single coils (SD Hot-Rails & Lace Sensor Burgundy); push-pull-pot switches between those 2; no pickup ring
    Instead of the Hot-Rails in neck-position: slanted Lace Sensor Gold
    Fretboard reaches up to the neck-pickup, giving me 24-26 frets
    Everything else should be just like the Forest-GT (yes, I love that guitar <3)

    PS: I'll post my mockup ^^

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