• BroKV

    Eclipse Custom

    I have an itch to buy one of these. I was wondering if anyone here has one and if they could give me a review.

    I have been a long time Jackson fan, but recent issues between me and them have caused me to look to ESP. A lot of people I have talked to in the past have said ESP makes a higher quality guitar then Jackson.

    Anyways, any comments in general about ESP aside from just the Eclipse Custom are welcomed.


    • Gfunk

      ESP sucks.

      Stick with Jackson.

      Or better yet, buy an Ibanez.

    • Dilzdo21

      well any esp standard series is a great guitar, well built and no issues what so ever , can compare to pretty much any usa made jackson , customs run about 4-5k now a days. In my eyes they are the best guitars built in the world. Better than any gibson, fender or jackson. They can compete with almost any guitar in the world. Worth every penny you spend.

    • 1point8t

      I was a diehard Jackson/Charvel guy for a number of years, owned a few original San Dimas guitars from both companies, but once I first played an ESP (m-1) I was sold. Something about them feels 'right', where I couldn't get the same feel with most J/C guitars. I'd advise that you play an ESP first and see how it fits your hands, how it sounds, etc and base your decision from that.

    • nick c.

      buy an eclipse II its they are awesome, i have the acsb, and i love it, and also buy caparisons

    • gainiac

      I have a 2007 Custom Shop Eclipse Custom, and I have several Les Pauls and had in the past 2 Eclipse II's (Standard Series). In terms of fit and finish, it's hard to beat a custom shop ESP. The tone is very different than a Les Paul, or an Eclipse II - both of which have mahogany necks and rosewood boards and are set-necks. The LPs are much thicker and have a bigger tone. I really like my LPs, and I didn't like my Eclipse IIs.

      The Eclipse Custom is a maple neck and it's a neck thru, so the main tonewood is maple, which is brighter and punchier by nature. Plus it has that ebony board, which is so much brighter than rosewood. The mahogany wings are there on the body, but it's a bit like playing an all-maple guitar, balanced a bit vs something like a Kamikaze (which I also have) because it is a 24 3/4 scaled. Jackson does this a lot too - its Soloists are maple neck throughs. I have an old Jackson Rhoads that is maple neck through with an ebony board, and the Eclipse actually sounds very similar. They're clearly made to cut through a metal mix.

    • Brendon T.

      Esp all the way