• Badseed

    Hardshell case for MX250

    Hey guy's. I'm kinda new here. I've been searching for a lot of info and it seems like I can always find an answer here. I ran into a little snag so I thought I'd try it out. I just bought an MX250II but the only way I could get it was with the gig bag, I've been looking everywhere but I've had absolutely no luck finding a hardshell case for it. I know That I could get a flight case made but I only need a regular hardshell case (Alot cheaper). I would prefer it to be an esp form fit case but since all you can get is the EX now I cant find anything. I was told by someone that the gibson explorer case wouldn't work but I'm not sure if I should really believe that since there was the lawsuit, I figured they'd be pretty close. So if anyone Knows where I could find an ESP form fitted hardshell case for it or if a gibson case would work could you please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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