• DyersEve87

    Esp style replacement necks

    Yeah i have been looking for a while to get a replacement neck for one of my ESP guitars cuz mine snapped during a move, not sure if this is the right place to ask about this. but i want to know if anyone has any experience with the monster custom guitar shop, i have heard a lot of bad things but the necks he sells on eBay look great and have great feedback. It looks like he can provide the 84 banana style headstock. which is rare to find in a replacement part, go easy on me i just need advice on this. his prices are low too, for an 84 banana style head stock, ebony fretboard, black finish ,its about 250 bucks

    • 1point8t

      What's this neck going on? I've bought a few small things from MGS, never had any problems.

    • phil

      ESP/LTD necks pop up from time to time on ebay, but you might have to wait a very long time before an mx-130 neck comes up. Warmoth is your next option.

      I'm not familiar with this Monster custom guitar shop though,

      • DyersEve87

        Yeah i thought about warmoth. I have ordered from them before and understand they put a lot into their work, but the standard styles such as the KWS, and the Explorer style necks are really goofy looking. They need an exact schematic tracing of the style i want if it's going to be a custom order ,but thats impossible to find