• bloodstyle

    3D Custom guitar program Project.

    In a general topic, i've got the idea (thanks to ESPimp) of making a new custom guitar program in 3D. but then i was wondering...

    1 - is it legal? because by doing that i would probably take the same measur of ESP brand guitars and i would brake the Copy right of ESP. not only braking ESP's copyright but other company too (like EMG, Grover, Floyd......).

    2 - And even If i would be able to do that. I need a Programmer and other Drawers.

    3 - What program will we use to do this ? i was thinking about a program similar to AutoCad but better. + my friend make very good Air brush so we could make "custom airbrush" design on the program too.

    4 - how many person would be interested in this project?