• Superpuma

      Hardtail Horizon. Halfway between the size of the 90's body carve and the modern Horizon shape with a cockstock.  a nice grainy wood, ash or korina in a see-thru black.  angled sIngle coil in the neck position. blank ebony fretboard except a custom inlay at the 12th.  I'll take 2.

    • lucas l.

      then personally I would like to know if the work of the esp custom shop and complete it and what are its restrictions and what is the price of a guitar custom shop?? then ... I wonder if the guitar is esp with the shape of other companies as the model bc rich warlock, and it would create a guitar with a completely new body!!

    • lucas l.

      Personal hello forum, I wonder if the esp custom shop makes any kind of guitar, type I was wondering if you guys could make a guitar with the shape of another company as the model bc rich warlock and the ibanez halberd or until another shape that still does not exist, and then they do this kind of work????

    • Michael O.

      I'd love to get a 7 string see through black FRX CTM with a seymour duncan SH-1 in the neck and an SH-14 in the bridge.

    • Alec M.

      7 string with a Horizon body and in-line reverse headstock with black block ESP logo

      Mahogany body w/ satin finish and maple neck w/ Ebony fretboard, no inlays except for my last name on the 12th fret.

      Original Floyd Rose bridge, (only because if I could afford this guitar then I could afford a hardtail backup too,) and an EMG 81-7 in the bridge and 60-7 in the neck.

      Single volume, 3-way pickup toggle.

    • Peter K.

      I would like to order MII NTB, w/ ebony freatboard, EMG81/fern. sustainer. And I'm very big fan of  "Resident Evil" movie. I have no skills in photoshop, but i try to make some graphic on the original KH2 picture. Of course it would look differently if it'll be painted by professionals from ESP, but the basic concept looks that way) 

    • Walou

      6 string, Horizon shape with eclipse headstock, Mahogany body, Maple set-thru-neck, Ebony fretboard with 24 jumbo frets, abalone flag inlays
      and brown natural finition with dark arabesque.
      For the specs :
      Floyd Rose original, HSH pickup configuration with three EMGs (81/SA/85)

      What do you think ??

      (I know using EMG 81 and 85 pickups is not very original but damn ... it sounds great !!)

    • Roy M.

      An Elite Horizon-III body with a a red to black fade, flamed maple top, ebony fretboard (24 frets) with custom inlays and my bands logo on half of the 11th fret, all of the 12th fret, and half of the 13th fret. A floyde Rose bridge (black) with Seymour Duncan Black outs. And last but not least an Alder body.

    • Shockers

      Essentially a KH-20 with different inlays.

    • Matthew S.

      Mine would be the LTD EX-307 with the right headstock. 

    • vipprimo

      Is there a guide somewhere to the pros and cons of certain necks, pick-ups and body materials?  I'm a little rusty.  

    • Indra F.

      A horizon in stbcsb satin finish, mahogany body with QM top, maple neck and ebony fretboard(set through neck). A Floyd Rose, EMG 81 and 60 and all black hardware. (Just like the old E-II horizon FR-II stbcsb, but with the kind of finish like on the Schecter Hellraiser Extreme in crimson red burst satin).

      Second one: will look like the esp rzk-I black satin, but then with flag inlays and a white pickguard.

    • jed s.

      I want a 4 knob eclipse with 22 xj frets ebonyfret board. with the black jh-2 diamondplate. Jh set pups metallica scary guy inlays in red. Black painted neck . Black Diamond plate on headstock. I want the 2 toggle system like the crosses and truckster but want the upper to have an pa-2 booster switch. Think that'll do

    • Swiftybaps

      Mine has gotta be an Eclipse shape, mahogany body with a flame maple top, see thru white finish, black binding, Maple neck with an Ebony fretboard, 25.5 inch scale, 4mm side dot inlays, TOM bridge w/ Tailpiece, black binding on headstock and neck, luminlays, 24 XJ frets, black hardware, 2 volume 1 tone, 3 way upper body toggle and a set of Hot Rod Supernaut pickups. oh god if only I had the money!

    • Chris Wakfer

      EX in satin black. seymour duncan black winters with gibson covers. chrome hardware and a chromed diamond plate guard. neck through design, maple neck and ebony fret board. neck length inlay of tribal barbed wire. pearloid binding everywhere. locking tuners and a bone nut.

      oh, and coil tapping. gotta have coil tapping (if it can be done with black winters)