• Justin C.

    What would your custom ESP look like?

    If you ordered a custom ESP guitar, what would it look like?

    Personally, I would order an M (or KH) shaped body, in Snow White, and a Neck-thru-body. It would have a Floyd Rose tremolo (even though I'm not the biggest fan of those), and right behnd the floyd rose there would be a black Maltese Cross. Each inlay (mirror inlays) would be maltese crosses, also, it would include an Ebony fingerboard (24 frets) and maple neck . Also, it would have your standard ESP headstock (like Kirk hammett's but right side up, rather than upside down). It would also include an EMG 81/60 pickup set. 

    • Bennesto

      7 String, Horizon Shape with Original Floyd Rose Tremolo in Snow White Finish. Ashtree body with an maple neck and ebony fretboard (neck-thru) and 24 XJ frets. Offset-Block Pearl inlays with a personalised logo at the 12th fret. An EMG 707 active PU in the neck and EMG 81-7 active PU in the bridge position. Body, neck and headstock would have a black binding, Gotoh-Hardware in Chrome.

      And of course the classic ESP Block Logo on the headstock with my personal signature in red next to it.

    • guitargirlemg81

      I always wanted a Pikachu shaped guitar, in yellow of course, ebony fretboard, painted EMG's 81/60, neck thru, non tremolo with string thru, sperzels, reversed pointy ESP headstock and Pokéball inlays. I just hate having to wait a year for getting it done, so I just go for the standard models.

    • dragonzrmetal

      I would order a right handed random star body in the same red flame as the Gus model with a black burst in the middle if that is possible with wood dyes, also with a neck-thru like yours. I would give it an original Floyd Rose, the neck would have 24 frets. I would have a mahogany body with maple neck. Ebony fingerboard, I have that on my main guitar and it feels great. I would have a reverse headstock in the same shape as the Gus G 600 model, with the pointy bit specially adapted for slaying demons, because having the 6 tuners on one side is so much easier. Seymour Duncan black winter in the bridge, and something a bit warmer in the neck so I can get a nice crunchy tone still, failing that, a Gus G blackout in the neck. Yep, Gus fan over here :P

      Trapezoid pearl block inlays just like those on a les paul, at frets 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 ,15, 17, 19, 22, 24. I don't like an inlay at the first fret, and I prefer the second last inlay at 22 rather than 21. I would ask for a volute at the headstock, I actually LOVE them, and I don't know if ESP makes them, I have never seen an ESP with a volute. There would be fret markers on the side on the neck aswell as the inlays. I would have les paul style knobs, 2 tone 2 volume, placed in a diamond shape like they are on an eclipse on the lower rear "wing" of the body. :) It would have triple plywood binding on the front of the body, neck and headstock.

      I would like to differentiate the guitar from the Gus G guitar somehow, but my only quarrels with the gus is the tone knobs, lack of floyd rose in the current version and 22 frets. Haha. I suppose I could do something a bit more funky with the headstock, like a graphic finish, or a V headstock.

      One day, when I'm a rockstar...


    • Travis L.

      I would have an M shaped alder body, with an ebony fret board, maple neck, neck thru construction, 24 fret, gotoh locking tuners, emg 81 and an emg 81TW, no Floyd, with stop bar tail piece, black with sharp ESP headstock (non reverse) signature on the 12th fret. the side fret markers will glow in the dark, one volume, no tone, 3 way switch.

    • Isaiah R.

      8-string, Semi-hollow H Body shape. Neck thru construction, Swamp Ash body with a Mahogany neck and Ebony fretboard. 27 inch scale, or if ESP can make it a possibility, multi scale. Matte White finish with gold hardware and a pickguard. Pearl block inlays. Seymour Duncan Pegasus and Sentient pickups. Sperzel locking tuners.

    • Guitooorbenchi

      I think an M shaped body would look nice with a white binding and a -Brilliant Mixedmedia- finish.

    • Melakie S.

      A nice Eclipse with EMG P91/P92, String Through T.O.M. bridge, Maple frettboard with 24 jumbo frets plus the fact that it would be a baritone length, Black headstock and fretboard binding, black neck and headstock except the top (the neck would be made from 3 pieces of maple and 2 pieces of walnut). I wouldn't know what the body finish would be, but the cool thing is that I am actually making this guitar in my woodshop class.

    • -_-

      Neckthru st with a birdseye maple neck, fretboard, and body top, mahogony body wings. Evertune bridge, dimarzio billy corgan pickguard. Black-brown-yellow finish with a vintage tint satin neck. With no inlays :)

    • Anthony M.

      i would custom order an ESP MX-250 black, emg active pickups 81/85 , bell shaped truss rod cover, 3 way toggel, sperzel locking tuners, 22 frets, standard dot inlays, tone pros bridge so basically a James Hetfield explorer :P it's a dream guitar

    • Death Magnetic

      I want a custom ESP Horizon NT II with an alder body, tones pros, sperzels, emg x, and the prettiest green finish. no inlays. the best wood.

    • Seb G.

      Eclipse T (Thick), Mohagany, neck-thru 24.75" 22frets, All gloss black, ebony fingerboard no inlays, TOM and tail Piece, Chrome EMG's 81-60 all chrome hardware And a complete Chrome binding on body, back body, neck and headstock. And of course, nice, slick modern chrome ESP crest on the headstock.

    • Basslaughter

      My dream bass is basically the F-415FM but fretless (with no inlays or fret markers), with 6 strings and with a Dark See Thru Green Sunburst finish (like the DK-5 one), and maybe different EMG pickups too.

    • rumblebox

      i could do this all day long.

      body: mahogany, 1/2" thicker than normal, quilted maple top with a wide pattern, 2 stage black/blue dye on the top, slight tint to the mahogany, TOM bridge, string-thru-body, cream binding, cream humbucker rings, 2 volume, 1 tone, 3-way blade, push-pull to split both humbuckers, zebra duncan custom8 bridge and pearly gates neck, chrome hardware, schaller strap locks

      neck: mahogany, set neck, ebony fretboard, cockstock, cream binding, side dots, no inlays except a XII at the 12th fret, medium jumbos, standard thin shape with a 12" radius, chrome grovers, matching finishes, written Esp logo on the headstock,

    • rumblebox

      here's another:


      mahogany M body, cockstock, 25.5", 24 frets, floyd pro bridge, bill lawrence L500XL bridge, pearly gates neck, mahogany neck-thru, ebony board, medium jumbos, black hardware, white pickups, satin white finish, 2 volume, 1 tone, 3 way blade, black binding on the body and headstock.

    • Matyi

      My one would be an EX shape, see thru green finish, neck-thru body construction, ebony fingerboard with no inlays, LTD tuners, TOM bridge with talpiece, 2 volume knobs and EMG 81/60 or JH set.