Alexi Signatures Availability?

Aryel H.

I ordered the E-II model on the 26th on sweetwater and was wondering if anyone had any idea when they'll ship. Seems like esp is still making more. Thanks!

Nathan M.

I put an order for an E-II on Sept 3rd from Sweetwater. When I ordered it, they had no idea when they'd be in and I haven't followed up since. Most of the ones are Reverb say Feb-March 2022 though, so I would guess Q1 2022. 

I also ordered an LTD Hexed around the same time with an estimated ship date of mid Nov 2021


I'm sure consumers have lower priority than builders, but I wonder if Floyd Rose is linked to any delays. I've had a OFR on order for 3 months now, but still no ETA. 

Aryel H.

Thanks for the response Nathan! Saw those dates on Reverb as well and was hoping it would be sooner somehow haha ;( 

Hope you enjoy your E-II and Hexed when they get there. I'm so pumped for mine. 

That might be a good theory with the Floyd Rose possibly being what's holding it up. Also seeing as how the shipping ports are blocked up currently I'm sure that'll add to it. 



I was told late 2022 on the custom shop model. 


Drum City Guitar Land has one in stock now it seems.

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