ESP Snakebyte Baritone CS

ESP Snakebyte Baritone CS

Just got in and made a quick snap from it next to the Ltd. Haven’t really inspected it yet. In real live the finish of the ESP is way more “3D-ish” to the Ltd. But seeing them next to each other I’m also more impressed how good the LTD is. 

will post more pics later on. 


Congrats! Have to assume assume the top on the LTD is a <1mm thin veneer whereas the ESP is going to have a 5mm+ thick maple top, hence the nice '3D' depth to the quilted finish. I'm not a big fan of the wavy body cutaway on these but the purple finish and baritone scale is rad \m/


WOW! Congrats! Is ESP really or it is just on Photo? 



It’s the photo really. It’s a different kind of purple than the Ltd. 


Congratulations man. Seeing them side by side gives you a clearer visual on how different the two models can be in color,etc.

I had both purple sparkles on the KH2 series and it had the same differences in color. Not sure if it’s the wood or clears but much different shades as well. Enjoy brother....

ESP 348

Looks amazing man! More pics please.  


ya know, I kind of missed it when the ltds came out. but wow, I agree, they knocked it out of the park with both of those. the esp top is definitely higher quality, but every one of those production baritone snakebytes probably have the best tops and stains I've seen on ltds. and they're big slices of maple, too! makes me wonder if guys at espee selected the top veneers then sent them across the sea for production.


fuggin cool guitards!


That is a great set of guitars, congrats!

Philippe S.

You are a lucky man!
This guitar is awesome.

6k only (price from the axe palace) and there is only 5 or 7...

That it is a decent price compare to the Ouija one...

Money can’t buy me love! I hope that one day Kirk will care more about is fan then his shoes



Huh! Now that i see them side by side, i'm even more happy that i didn't act quick enough to get ltd version. So, ESP is the one you show and ltd is the one you play?

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