hahahahahaha $65,564.83 USD Grynch from Essex!!

hahahahahaha $65,564.83 USD Grynch from Essex!!

We’re actually making ridiculous offers on it. We hope he’ll lose patience and remove that auction. 
we should begin to report it to Reverb. We have data. The problem is nothing is illegal on what he’s doing. So we should be more intelligent than him. 


Mesa Sean

Yeah I am too man

Mesa Sean

ahh he changed it....you can't make low offers now.


In fact you can. It’s just automatically refused but it counts. 


Awesome history behind the guitar for sure, but that pricing is lunacy. 

ESP 348

Cool guitar, cool provenance................big asking price lol.

Jesse R.

They are the reason prices are so ridiculously outrageous. Essex blows I’m sorry but I said it. I understand what they are trying to do but come on now. All those mustaine guitar and now this lol good luck boys. Take another bong hit for me lololo


I have one for sold, own by me, 20k€, shipping offer of course. 
The funniest thing is when you know how much he bought it ...

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