Esp ouija’s Red or Purple sparkle

Esp ouija’s Red or Purple sparkle

I know there is a few board members that have these on order and to be clear I am one of them, however the lack of information and communication on the delivery dates of these pieces is running me mad. I’ve been told from June to August and now November but I’m not holding my breath. Anyone have any further details from your dealerships? Big Daddy I know your in the dark as well but feel free to add anything new. 

Jonathan T.

No word on my red sparkle either. Haven't inquired, but haven't heard anything either.


Thank you Jonathan. Btw how’s the vintage these day’s?


Just got a call from Music Zoo they will receive my red sparkle next month.


That’s good news. I hope they start to trickle in at some point or another. Appreciate your response. 

kind regards,


ESP 348

Good things come to those who wait George.

Be sure to post pics when it arrives Snake!


Absolutely Pap you couldn’t be more correct. 


That's encouraging news! Can't wait to see these in the wild. 

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