Help with decision on KH-2

Help with decision on KH-2

I am considering trading my Ernie Ball JPX7 for a KH-2 from the 90s (still has the custom guitars in the back)

what y’all think?





Manuel B.

Actually I think it’s early 2000s

muhammad anwar

He need to top up..... if one on one not worth it.... unless its the newer custom shop kh.... my opinion....ernieball jpx7 is ball reserved family guitar and high quality instrument.... plays easy with ss frets etc.....

ESP 348

I love the KH2, so I am going to say go for it.

Manuel B.

Well... it didn’t went down.... but thank you guys for the help!!


also... I know this is the wrong place but I asked this question a lot and no answer.... The kamikaze finish is hand painted or a graphic??



Get the KH2! IT's an awesome guitar!

Geoff R.

Do it!

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