Bill Kelliher Eclipse

Mark H.

Felt compelled to post this after jamming on it for a few months, especially since I haven't seen anything about the ESP model (only the LTD BK600). Simply put, this guitar rules. It's the heft and warm endless sustain of a custom Les Paul with the playability and modern sensibility of an Eclipse. I can see why Bill moved from Gibson to ESP if these are the kinds of axes they're providing him with. Shame if you order one now they don't come with the Lace Sensor pickups, I think they're great. More oomph than what you'd get out of a Gibson without being harsh like high gain active pickups. The matte burst finish is cool too. I don't usually associate matte guitars with a conventionally attractive finish but this one really changes color depending on the light. It goes from the green burst the pictures show it at to a faded silverburst to a totally matte black.


Anyways, thanks luthiers at ESP. This thing is fucking awesome!

ESP 348

Thanks for sharing brother, that looks like an awesome guitar!

Amir Hossein Veghar Farahnak

So awesome dude 



Look awesome! How's the matte finish fairing over time? I have an ESP SV-1 in Matte Black and that has a slight "gloss" finish beneath the strings....

Mark H.

Thanks man, the matte finish has been holding up so far. I suspect the excessive hand washing we've all had to do recently has gone a long way in preserving the finish, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how it'll be a year or more from now.


Nice to see an ESP version. 

Mesa Sean

Killer axe. I love how that model does not have the typical tummy cut. I wish my sigs or Eclipses in general did not have the tummy cut.


sweet AXE! 

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