ESP + LTD Ouijas (Photos)

ESP + LTD Ouijas (Photos)

Hey guys, finally I took some photos of all my ouijas, together. So, I thought I should post them here for your viewing pleasure As a bonus, at the end, you have some photos of the red sparkle ouija with the ibanez tube screamer 40th ann. edition, as was suggested by fellow forum member snakebite couple of months ago. Like he said, they really complement each other nicely.

Can't wait to get the pickup covers from G. so they will be complete!

Anyway, here you go:


Really nice Ouija Family Arda ! Thanks for the pics !


Very nice Ouija collection!

I am anxiously waiting on my red sparkle and you are really making me want to buy the red TS808. They look great together!


Outstanding collection!!! Congratulations!

You are missing black one from the 1990s


ESP 348

Awesome collection, awesome photos! Thanks for sharing brother, love seeing them all together.


These are very beautiful guitars congratulations sir. A job well done. 

Mesa Sean

Awesome collection dude. I had the white one and it was stunning. I rate the White one and the KH-20 being one of my top two Hammett guitars. loved the necks and inlays

Leonardo B.

God, these are all gorgeous! 


Nice pics and great collection!

Manuel B.

I’m going to use this topic to ask something that’s been bothering me.... 


so I’m this models as well as the kamikaze, are this graphics a “vinyl” on top or are they actually hand painted with a template or something? Can anyone shed some light? Also the camo series, painted or some kind of wrap and finished later?


The technic used is called Sreenprinting. It's fast and accurate and leave a really thin coat of ink. it is applied between the layer of clearcoat that protects the glitters and the finish clearcoat. Easy to apply on (pretty) flat surfaces, but not easy to apply on 3D objects like pickups and rings ... Here's why LTD forget about doing it on these releases.

Manuel B.

So how do they do the sides and the camo finishes?


The screen is fitted to the body for tiny sides applying.

For complete Camo finish it's a stencils and paintjob couple.

Manuel B.

Got it, maybe that’s why there’s no back on the kamikaze 

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