Question, what years did they make/sell the PH-600 Magenta? I found one locally and I'm going to pick it up. It's legit, just curious what years they were sold. It's been a bit hard to find one of the MG versions and took awhile to find one. This one is in excellent condition with the original case.

Also, is the wood shown in the distress the actual body wood, or a decal? I thought it was the actual wood showing through, but found a post on another forum say it was a decal? 


No one knows? I have 4 ESP signature or custom shop guitars, but I would love to know more about this guitar!


Hey there, thought I'd resurrect this dead thread because I've got first hand knowledge. The PH-600MG was available in 2009, I think just for the year. While the guitar itself is built well, the "relic" job on the LTD version is painfully bad. Basically, the guitar body was sealed first, then the "wear" decals applied, followed by a metallic silver primer, and then the metallic magenta paint. After that, it looks like the relic decals were removed before a final poly coat was laid down over everything. There is no unsealed wood on the guitar, and the wood that you do see through the "wear" is clean, pristine, and unstained -- not at all like the high-end ESP version.

I pulled the Floyd 1000 from mine and replaced it with a legit OFR. The hardware on the LTD version is black nickel, but I replaced everything with standard black, and it looks better IMO. Maybe not better, but certainly more authentic. 

I also removed the true-to-original tremolo spring from the neck pickup route and rewired the guitar for two-pickup operation. Be aware that there is NOT a channel made between the neck pickup route and the control cavity; I had to carefully drill my own. The control cavity does have three pot holes drilled out, though two of them have a painted dowel rod blocking the openings, just like Page's. 

The ebony fretboard was beautiful, with excellent fretwork and intonation. It's a great guitar at original specs, though it's something of a one trick pony. (One pickup guitars aren't really my thing, but YMMV.) Honestly, the only criticism I have is the weak relic job. I don't hate relic guitars, but this one just makes me wish they didn't bother at all, because it ruined a pretty spectacular paint job.

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