• Sixcubed

    Great to meet some of you guys at S&M 2!

    Just wanted to stop by and say it was great to meet you Pushead, Big Daddy, and Guiguitarz on Sunday at the show. Been a long time lurker here and don't post much but I visit everyday and rely on you guys to keep my updated on all the signature stuff!

    Pushead picked me out the crowd because I was wearing an ESP hoodie all weekend and he went out of his way to introduce himself to me. He was sitting just a few seats away from me. He said I know your face from somewhere and turns out it was from this board. I was very glad he did! Such an awesome guy! Then before I knew it Big Daddy and Guiguitarz walk up behind us. It was an amazing time in a weekend full of amazing things!

    Thank you guys and it was a pleasure to meet you!

    • ESP 348

      Great to hear mate! I wish I could have made it also, would have been an amazing weekend and hanging out with those boys would have made it even more special.

    • Big Daddy B

      It was nice meeting you too man. That was actually the best part of the hole weekend was meeting people here and from the metforum I have know for years but never saw face to face.

    • Pushead

      Hey Chris! The look of shock on your face when I asked if you post on the forum was priceless! But I kept seeing you all weekend long. I knew you were at the bar for the Blackened Whiskey thing, and we either sat near each other on Friday, or I saw you in line, and I think I even saw you at Fisherman's Wharf. I was like "I know him from somewhere, so I better go introduce myself."

      And BDB, it was great to finally get to shake your hand! We've only been texting for like a year or something.

      Guiguitarz, awesome to meet you as well. I wish I knew some French to give you a proper welcome.

      I hope you all have made it home safely! I know I'm sure not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

    • Guiguitarz

      Yeahhh that was very cool ! And the event was perfect, we just enjoyed 400% of our weekend !

      So glad to have met you guys,

      I'm just back to France today, had a long trip back, need some rest, but will never forget this weekend !


    • Big Daddy B

      Maybe we need to organize a Storm ESP event in North Hollywood one day

    • ESP 348

      No need to storm the joint, they will welcome us heavy hitters with open arms.

    • Pushead

      I was kind of disappointed on my drive from San Diego to San Francisco that we didn't have time to try to visit the ESP USA shop. We were trying to make it to Big Sur for the first night, and I know they have better things to do at the factory than to put up with goofs like me.

    • RLA

      bummed i missed you guys, was pulled aside by @GuiGuitarz on sunday post show & that was totally cool!

      that entire extended weekend was amazing, between the Thursday fan party, blackened stuff, Fridays show, our Saturday gig for the MFF at the chapel & sundays repeat performance it was phenomenal!

    • Pushead

      Were you at the Thursday night Blackened Whiskey thing? I was there, but I didn't realize anyone else from the forum was there. (Though I did bump into Sixcubed 4 or 5 times while walking around. )

    • RLA

      briefly, yes.

      *I was the one in a Metallica related shirt

    • Pushead

      I think I was the only guy who wasn't.

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