Hetfield Signature Models For Sale

Hetfield Signature Models For Sale

I own all of them but the JH-2. Any interest out there? I can post pics if there is interest. Prob look to get rid of my prized possession first... Black Iron Cross #22 with COA. If anyone is interested in them all let me know too. I'd love to sell them all together!


Pics (condition etc) please.

Presume you have all the rest in that case (JH-1, JH-3, White Iron Cross, Grynch, White/Black Snakebyte, Vulture)? 


Yes. Gray and Black Trucksters as well. Give me a couple days to post pics. I wanted to see what interest is out there first before taking the time to post pics of everything. I have original hardshell cases for them all too. 

I bought the Hutchinson Steel Top a few years back as well:


ESP 348

Looking forward to seeing pics mate.

I have always wondered, what are the Hutchinson Snakebytes worth?

Mazze F.

I am VERY interested in a Esp Jh 3 if you have one :-) Please pm me if you're interested in selling!!! Have a great weekend

Larry L.

Is it just limited to ESP models or do you have KLs too?


Yes just ESP's


I have a KL if your interested.

Nathan S.

I'm just here for the pictures....


Are you in europe? Or us? 




usa.. guess i'm out :(


Me too... import taxes will kill me! 


When I ordered the Hutchinson I think I paid around 10-15% on taxes. Def a killer!


I can buy both the jh1 and jh3 depending on condition.

original case and COA for both? 


Sent friend request for PMs 


I am VERY interested in a Esp Jh 3! Some pics please 



Answers to FAQ's so far:

I am the original owner of all guitars.

I do not smoke.

I do play guitar so they have all been played.

All guitars are in mint to near mint condition.

I have original hardshell cases for all guitars and COA's for all that had one. (Don't think any didn't but wanted to add that.)

I regularly (every year or 2 years) conditioned the guitars. (Restrung, oiled fretboard and polished finish.)

I live in Northern Virginia.


Additional info: I am a lifelong Metallica fan, MetClub Member since 1994 (the beginning) and current Black Ticket holder. Been collecting these since the JH-1 came out in 1997. I remember putting a couple hundred bucks down and taking out a loan for the remaining balance to purchase it when I was 21 years old. I do not want to get rid of these guitars but I'm tired of living the stressful life of paycheck to paycheck. I do not have set prices on any of these guitars rather looking for interested buyers to make offers. I will sell to the right buyer and for the right price. YOU and I know what they are worth.

I hope to take some pics tomorrow and get them up in the afternoon.

Thanks to all for the interest so far! If sold I want these to go to someone that will truly take care of and appreciate them.

ESP 348

You sound like a stand up bloke, wish you all the best with the sales man.

Mazze F.

What kind of price are you looking for on the JH-3??


Pictures Plz...Highly interested 

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