LTD KH Purple Sparkle and EMG KH Bone Breakers

LTD KH Purple Sparkle and EMG KH Bone Breakers


Speaking of newly-available finishes, here’s one that people have been asking for all year long. Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has been performing on tour over the past 12 months using a killer Purple Sparkle version of his ESP signature guitar, and now you can play it too with this updated LTD KH-602. The guitar includes new EMG Kirk Hammett Bone Breaker Signature pickups and an environmentally-friendly fingerboard made of Pau Ferro.

I don't know if it's just the photo, or if that's how the EMGs will look (green logo?) But that will be interesting. I'll pass, but it's nice to see how ESP and Kirk are trying to make the guitars available at a lower price for fans.


I've been a fan of that guitar. 

I would be interested in this especially with the new kh pick ups. 

Something a bit different for sure. Rear of body seems to be purple sparkle as well. Rear of headstock black.  Wonder what the back of it really is. 


I will not be able to pass that up if it is released as an ESP model.

Road King

ESP model with ebony board and no scallops. No paint on back of neck. I'll buy it at a high price.


Yep ! They listened to us ! And didn’t go with the big KH sig all over the PU. That’s a good news. 



well ESP versions usually have different pickup designs


if you watch his recent European tour videos, on his purple guitar he seems to heave a chrome shiny colored omg with his signature over it. I was anticipating a new sig pickup release after seeing that.


Maybe. I can't find any info about them. ESP may just be using the "normal" EMGs for the photoshop mockup of the guitar. We'll know more around NAMM in January, I'm sure.


I hope they do change them.  Not crazy about the green emg logo 


Any guesses when it'll actually be available.  Buying it on day 1  Was looking to have a KH-2 or 602 painted this color when he started touring with it... this will save me the headache


I believe these are what his new pickups will look like. I've been seeing him test these out lately on tour in recent videos and was getting quite excited myself.

James H.

Pre-Order placed. Dealer looking into it now for me. I'm a sucker for purple metal flake.

Travis L.


Already asked EMG and they responded. I asked when they will be available. I will be at NAMM 2018 to see myself. Hopefully we can purchase from the site! 

ESP 348

Looks pretty cool.


How much do you guys think it will sell for? $1,399 like the Ouija?

ESP 348

Would have to be somewhere around that price point surely.

Maybe *slightly* more to cover the cost of that sparkle paint and those new EMGs.

I dunno, we will soon see.


I don't mind the look of the KH initials on the pick ups.  If it's in his signature guitar it's cool.  Maybe not if it wasn't.

I hope the purple does come with the chrome and kh initials on it.  

Road King

Will these be limited edition? I don't see any info on that. I want to hold out for a possible ESP version, but don't want to miss out on the Ltd if there won't be an ESP.

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