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    Kirk Hammett ESP ouija

    Does anyone know the official story with what guitar center or music 123 or woodwind or MF (i think those are the online sub. of GC) in regards to how many of the 25 Ouija natural Esp KH ONat guitars they got in and what kind of deal they (GC) made with ESP to get them 2 months before the other dealers that had to wait until dec 1-9 to ship them out or get them in. does anyone know how many are available or which dealers have them still in stock , also how to get it for less than $12,000, (or if i get it from a GC theres tax and its crazy how high the price is for this run).

    I know Studio Sounds had 10% off your first order, and so did pitbull audio not sure if they sold them or who got em is there a list ?... im assuming since studio sounds pre sold it until last week (couldve sold it in october but they couldnt get it or ship it until i think 12/05/17)  or now they will start to ship out. they wouldnt take less than $11,000 which is still better than many dealers charging in some places more than the MSRP which is a whopping 12k. in NY they have #2 ONAT#2 in GC times SQ 44th st. but with nyc tax its about 10% more. i know they had #1 in hollywood CA GC. As for MF they had #3,#4#,5. Last I checked number #5 i think went to brian/ bigdadb.

    anyone know who else got these guitars.Im trying to figure out if anyone knows the details as to what deal GC made with ESP as ESP made the MAP 12k which is a first , to see the "map" the same if not more than the MSRP... which might have changed or will change soon, but for those who would like to get these guitars..I think some of the stores who have them will go below the "map " when they are allowed to discount they will and the full 25 imo wont sell out for 18 months plus imo. not all will sell for 12k. It still took in 2007 almost 2 years for the last 1 to be purchased in the US. maybe longer in the world,(and those were 40 for kh20 and 100 for black and the white Ouijas).  Many stores that couldn't sell a 10k msrp (9k for black or white 2009 ouijas was the msrp ) esp guitar returned the ones they had in stock back to ESP. so, if a dealer had discounted the new guitar for another buyer after a year or  and sold it or still couldnt get in that area say 7k for a kh-20 they would return them to esp, to go to other ESP plat. dealers that might have requested one or were on a waiting list either because they can sell them in their area or they have customers and relationships with the same people that usually like to get a lot of these KH sigs.

    im not sure if i ever saw kirk use this exact Ouija model maybe this year in the Grammys backstage. did anyone find out if the #13 in white or black 2009 Ouijas is owned by ppl or did kirk get #13, same with this new Ouija i wonder where the guitars are now if they are all shipped by ESP to dealers or how many ppl are waiting for one have one on order or got them already ? did kirk take #13 or that was a one time thing with the kh-20 ?

    if anyone knows more about the Ouija or is keeping track of them, or has any answers to my questions above please respond, id appreciate it also if anyone knows about the serial numbers post 2015 what does (EJHV0011) mean it would seem E for the kiso custom shop ? and 1 at the end might be actually for ESP im just curious. also is guitar collector logging in the owners of the limited runs of KH guitars all of the serial numbers to all the guitars? I hope people contribute to his site its very cool. I hope Kirk starts playing this Ouija I like when he uses the guitars plus it helps others resell some of these guitars and keep the guitars current. Anyways im looking to get this new Ouija and will work on it- I wonder if people who have say the demonology and this  new 2017 Ouija think the pricing reflects a 12k guitar or the 5k or so demonology. what makes the Ouija worth double than a classic kh custom shop sig guitar, double for just the limited run ? another question- to get the black and the white Ouija or the demonology which im not a real fan of not my kind of design and say a white ouija from 2009 if you can find one like new, so either a white and a black Ouija or any Ouija from 2009 limited run and a demonology or vintage new would i still think cost less than this whopping 12k ouija guitar. in thoughts comments on the new Ouija or info would be awesome as i think ill get one. or try to. im curious for that price imagine getting some of those limited to 1 only made esp 2018 exhibition series or those 40th anniversary runs or last years exhibition series i just cant recall a price being the same map and msrp.

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