Pushead wrote:

      In 50 years, no one will care about Metallica signature guitars.

      Hell, in 50 years almost no one will care about guitars at all.

      I bet if Big Daddy B is still alive...he will 

    • kirkfan30

      IMHO the Metallica sig collection from the old days will always be more collectible and a better investment because now esp is charging top dollar for their custom shop sig models and the older models like the ouija are better associated with Metallica. Only time will tell and it also depends on the market... When every fanboy of our age is old or dead I agree it will be more difficult to sell these guitars but music never dies and fanboys will always be around. Just my 2 cents and look on things 

      • Pims

        I am one of these guys who became addicted to the KH model when I was starting up 23 years ago and watching the live shit binge &  purge solos..I may have had jems (a 10th in 96 for instance), a few JP models, nothing has ever struck me as much as the KH guitars (first bolt-on (had 2) and then neckthrus))

    • HateEvent

      I don't think you'll see $22k for it, but you definitely won't if you don't try advertise it! Someone may come out of the woodwork for it, or make you a healthy offer that suits you.

      Similar with my Hanneman S&Key Urban Camo - I love that thing and it is rare (1 of 4) so I'll be advertising it at £10k. It may never sell, but it definitely wouldn't if I never bothered testing the water. My predicament is that he didn't even play it (2004, so it has a Floyd!). 

      • BlackJack21

        Agreed. I'm not in rush to sell and wasn't looking to move this quickly, just to get it off my hands. That's not why I bought it. I mean I've only had it for a month lol. But like I said before, I saw what people were paying for the natural ouija (without a blink of an eye) and Kirk rarely plays that, so I thought to test the market and see what people are willing to pay for this. It hasn't been done so I don't know, but I wasn't going to underprice it lol.

      • ESPEXP

        I always talk about that Hanneman S&Key Urban Camo as one of the rarest ones still. Even tho it has a floyd and he didn't play it, I remember growing up on this board knowing that one was a rare one to have/find.