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    KH Series Neck Dimensions - Post Yours

    We were discussing this on the Zombie thread but thought we might want to make a separate thread to track this sort of info for those that care. If you have a set of calipers, feel free to contribute. I will update my post with more measurements as they become available.


    Year Model (Radius): 1st fret depth(in.)/12th fret depth (in.)

    2007 KH-20 (12"):                      .77/.85

    2009 KH-2 Ouija Black (12"):   .75/.84

    2011 KH-2 SE (12"):                   .78/.86

    2013 KH-2 Vintage (14"):         .75/.82

    2016 KH-3 (12"):                       .78/.86

    2016 KH-4 (14"):                       .76/.83


    Anyway thought this might be a good reference for those considering various models in the future.



    I have a pretty good sample size to evaluate if what I thought my hands were telling me were indeed true or not. Here is how my perceptions played out, True or False.

    1. The Ouija was my thinnest neck - That is pretty much true. It was the thinnest at the first fret by .004 yet was my 3rd thickest at the 12th fret by .02. Thinking back I believe my observation was more based in the lower chordal positions.

    2. My KH-20 neck was slightly narrower - This is also mostly true. I am also tracking my width just in front of the nut (zero fret if you will) and mid 12th fret range. This guitar is tied for my second narrowest by .012 (with the KH-3 it felt identical with, but wider than the KH-4 surprisingly). At the 12th fret it is indeed my narrowest by .014. This makes sense because I always notice when I played the Sanitarium solo there was a certain passage near the 12th fret, I would always pull the string off the side of the fretboard and fret out.

    3. The KH-20 is my thickest KH neck - This is false. Both the KH-3 and Greenburst are consistently thicker at the 1st and 12th frets.

    4. The KH-20 neck felt rounder than the the rest except the KH-3 it felt identical with - mostly false. Both guitars did measure at 12" radius but so did the Greenburst and the Ouija. In restrospect yeah I could probably sense that in both guitars but didn't at the time.

    5. The Vintage was appreciably thicker than the Ouija - I would rate this as false. It was only .004 thicker at the 1st fret and my thinnest guitar at the 12th.

    6. My KH-4 felt "wider" and "flatter", similar to my Jackson Rhoads - Split decision. The guitar measured to have a 14" radius identical to the lower region of the Jackson's compound radius which increases to 16" at the 12th fret. In terms of absolute width, there was no correlation as the KH-4 is one of my narrower necks.

    7. The Demonology is near the thinnest in my collection - TBD

    8. The Demonology may have a different radius - TBD but I think this will turn out to be false based on my measurements today.

    9. The Demonology reminded me of the Greenburst neck - TBD. It did but I am wondering if that is my feeling more from a tactile standpoint as opposed to neck profile. I am now thinking the neck itself is similar in shape to my KH-4 but with a gloss finish instead of satin like the KH-4. Per #8, I suspect it will measure out at a 12" radius though instead of 14"

    10. The wavecaster is my second thickest neck and definitely thicker than my Vintage Plus strat - TBD

    The only other things that really surprised me was the KH-2 Vintage ended up being a 14" radius similar to the KH-4. I never thought the Vintage felt nearly as flat but indeed it is. Also that the Rhoads is as thick as it it. It appears on paper it may end up being thicker than my '60 reissue Les Paul even. I always perceived thinness maybe due to the extremely flattened radius.

    Some interesting observations on how your body perceives things vs empirical evidence.

    • alebtart

      I envy your collection, please do let me know if you're looking to make some space 

    • Big Daddy B
      alebtart wrote:

      I envy your collection, please do let me know if you're looking to make some space 

      I am looking to. PM me and I can let you know what I have available for purchase. None of the above are for sale though.

    • Mike A.

      I'm not sure the exact measurements but my 2011 KH Vintage neck feels thinner than my 09 KH Black Ouija. 

    • Big Daddy B

      As you can see by the above they are "neck and neck." Sorry I'll be here all week. 


      Actually this is a pretty cool concept I hope catches on. If you have a large collection of guitars, spend the $40 to get a set of digital calipers and start to really identify what you like.

      Obviously I prefer a 12" radius. My favorite guitars to play are the KH20, KH-3, and my les pauls. I also like my fender reissue strats at 7.5" so I am more inclined to grab a guitar with a rounder neck than I am a flatter neck like the Rhoads, KH4 or Vintage. I mean they play great too but don't really excite me to play as much. That is great info to know for future purchases. Glad on most recent custom shop order I elected 305R. Sadly 2 others have 400mm.

    • Lewis_08

      ouija for sale you say.......PM me lol

    • Big Daddy B
      Lewis_08 wrote:

      ouija for sale you say.......PM me lol

      it's a 12"

    • ESP 348

      I have the calipers...............just don't have the time.

      We share a few guitars that are similiar Big Daddy, thanks for doing the work for me.

      I would love to compare my 2005 CS KH3 neck to yours and my 2002 KH4 for example. Just to see what the differences are in those years compared to your CS orders today.

      All interesting stuff, I am going to get the guitars out soon, will see if I can take some measurements if time permits.

    • Guiguitarz

      Just to be sure, can we just make a little scale to match the NORMAL unit, which are the METRIC ones fellows !!!! 

      So, .77 is equal to  ... mm ? 

    • Big Daddy B
      Guiguitarz wrote:

      Just to be sure, can we just make a little scale to match the NORMAL unit, which are the METRIC ones fellows !!!! 

      So, .77 is equal to  ... mm ? 

      Thanks for volunteering to do that! 

      Seriously though the radius gauges came in imperial. The calipers are convertible but I am not going to go back and measure ones done again. I will see if I can find a conversion chart, I think I had something that briefly outlined it. I would still measure in imperial because that is what dealers here in the US typically use and list their measurements in.

    • Big Daddy B

      400mm = 15.75"

      350mm = 13.7" 

      305mm = 12" (Les Paul)

      241mm = 9.5" (modern strat)

      184mm = 7.25" (vintage strat)

      So in theory when I measure my demonology if it is a 350mm as listed it should be 13.7", not 12" which would be a 305 or 15.75" which would be a 400. Lemme go measure it. I can do that with the strings on.

    • Big Daddy B

      OK measured it. I think it is a 305/12". I can't definitely rule out 350 because I don't have a 13.7" gauge. I do have a 14" and is was clearly not that flat when I measured. I think it is a 305R model which also makes sense to me because that is the same as a Les Paul and Kirk has played more Les Pauls later in his career. Also I believe the Floyd Rose works better with a 305 and doesn't require shimming like it does with a 400 so it's easier for ESP to set up. But possibly just all conjecture on my part.

    • Big Daddy B


      1st fret depth - 0.764"

      12th fret depth - 0.856"

      Nut width - 1.669"

      12th fret width - 2.010"

      radius - 21"

    • Pushead

      No radius gauge but here's the lowdown on my KH-2 Moon and Star:

      Nut Neck width - 1.705"

      1st - .760"

      12th - .842"

      Weight 8lbs 1.5oz

      When compared to one of my Eclipses (the only I've measured so far):

      Nut Neck Width - 1.8"

      1st - .813"

      12th - .895"

      Weight - 7lbs 9.9oz (though this is one of my lighter Eclipses, which range from 7lbs 6.6oz to 8lbs 14.1oz)

    • Big Daddy B

      What kind of scale do you use? I usually use a handheld luggage scale but I am not sure how accurate it is.

    • Pushead