• Big Daddy B

    Demonology hath been conjured

    The realm of the dead below is all astir
        to meet you at your coming;
    it rouses the spirits of the departed to greet you—
        all those who were leaders in the world;
    it makes them rise from their thrones—
        all those who were kings over the nations.
    They will all respond,
        they will say to you,
    “You also have become weak, as we are;
        you have become like us.”
    All your pomp has been brought down to the grave,
        along with the noise of your harps;
    maggots are spread out beneath you
        and worms cover you.


    Thanks Eric "Lucifer" Lucero @Pitbull Audio/Music Store Live (West) for a downright devlish deal 

    • Angel R.

      Congrats man beautiful guitar!!!!

    • Nathan S.

      Wow....never saw that coming 

    • Nathan S.


    • BlackJack21

      Congrats, you finally got a guitar Kirk hasn't played lol. I always knew you would end up with one of these things.

    • Big Daddy B

      Yeah everyone should have saw it coming. I have liked this guitar from the start and would have gotten the LTD but glad ESP put out a big boy version.

    • Big Daddy B
      BlackJack21 wrote:

      Congrats, you finally got a guitar Kirk hasn't played lol. I always knew you would end up with one of these things.

      Psst....I got a secret. I selected this guitar on Monday because I really liked the grain pattern on the fretboard. It looked a lot like the fretboard on the first Zombie you posted with the long horizontal stripes. I really like that on this gutiar!

      Edit: This dealer pic really illustrates what I am trying to say better than I can verbalize


      BTW I was hoping you weren't gonna bust me ahead of time. I picked it up Monday morning pretty soon after they listed it but before you posted the link to Studio Gears. I was really considering that one as well. It was set up by the same guy that set up my Greenburst, I could tell by the initials on the sticker. It was just a coincidence it arrives the same day as yours. Pitbull is a 2 day ship from San Diego area with Free Ground shipping. I think if I went Studio Gears it would have gotten here yesterday but I am pleased with my choice for a number of reasons. I will post a more thorough review later. I hope you do the same with the Zombies.

    • Breadfan32

      Looks great.  Congrats.  Once again, I really like the ESP version of this.  

    • CLT-ESP

      DAYUM!!!!! Now that's one sick guitar!!! Speechless B! And what a shot of the scallops! Exquisite piece of art! Congrats...she's gorgeous!!! 

    • Pushead

      You guys are nuts lately.

      Put me down in the "not feeling the case" camp.

    • Big Daddy B
      Breadfan32 wrote:

      Looks great.  Congrats.  Once again, I really like the ESP version of this.  

      Just played it for a bit. Light years ahead of any LTD. I will try to post a full review tomorrow. Initial impressions very very favorable.

    • ESP 348

      Congrats Big Dog!

      Awesome guitar, I really like the fretboard on that one!

      Definitely looking forward to hearing more of what you think of it.

    • Big Daddy B

      OK here are my intial impressions of the ESP Demonology. Keep in mind this is without a setup, restring, any significant adjustments to the guitar yet. Hope to get into some of that today or this weekend at the very latest.

      Guitar arrived double boxed. ESP as some of you may have noticed has switched from the white boxes to a natural cardboard. It arrived in the Tombstone case which was wrapped in a cloth bag. The case graphics seems to have a bit of a purple tinge to it then I previously remember. Also I noticed masking tape doesn't stick to it as well as normal tolex. Inside was the guitar. All accessories were in the pouch in small ziplocs which were then wrapped in a bubble wrap fashioned bag. The COA was in a large envelop by the headstock. There were no additional hang tags or paperwork, just a couple of silica bags.

      Workmanship appears top notch, could not find any defects. Frets seem flawless as expected. As previously mentioned the woodgrain  on the fretboard is particularly stunning. As you can see above in the shot of the scallops, there are a couple of dark patches on the side of the fretboard (2 or 3 IIR). Those patches repeat near the lowest frets because those are rings within the tree that are curving back around. It's actually quite a stunning look on a light rosewood fretboard. There is also one dark spot in the middle edge where another ring barely kissed it. The graphics though not super exciting IMO, are laid out nicely and seem to line up horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. I noticed on this one versus the one with bench pics and the Studio Gears one, does not have the moon portion of the partial sigil at the tip of the headstock. Instead that had wrapped around the side edge on mine which provide a bit of visual depth to the headstock veneer.

      Upon removal from case, the guitar felt warm. It had been on a truck all day and we are still in triple digits here. I went ahead and played it for about 15 mins and it felt very tight and not in a good way. I was at that time like here we go, another Greenburst all flash but won't live up to the true custom shop models. I put it on the stand to acclimate for the next 3 hours.

      3 hours later i plugged it in again to play for about 30 minutes. The experience was completely different. the guitar was slightly out of tune so I unclamped it and got both E strings adjusted. The rest fell into place automatically. The action is a bit on the high side but that is perfect for me as it is how I like it. i am sure there are stock 9s on it but they felt a little taught to me. I am excited to see what it is like with my normal EB Slinkies. Playing wise the guitar is now in another dimension. The neck, to me, deels different that any of my other ESPs. There was some questioning of the radius. At this point I am assuming it is a 350 as listed. It definitely feels flatter and wider than the 305 on my KH3 but not quite as wide as some of my 400s. I will say it is still very comfortable and also VERY FAST! This is by far the fastest playing neck on any of my guitars. I was literally flying up and down the fingerboard. I still think I like the 305 better just based on feel (which probably explains why I also like Les Pauls so much) but this guitar is definitely a welcome addition to the family. I love it.

      A couple other observations and quibbles:

      - I felt the pickups had more bark than bite. They might be tamed a bit by the painted covers. Will play around with the adjustment when i start setting it up.

      - The tremolo feels a bit stiff and noticed the spring are a bit noisy. I will opern her up to see what is going on underneath but might just need to get loosened up a bit. I had originally planned on  tuning this one to D# but it plays so well, rethinking just keeping it standard to get more use out of it.

      - The envelope for the COA is way too big. It is larger than they used in the past so did not fit in my file cabinet drawer. I ended up putting the COA in a manila envelope in the drawer and left the envelope in the case. It won't fit in the compartment so has to sit up in the headstock well

      - The COA itself was pretty pedestrian. Wish they would have done something a little more model specific with sigils or something. 

      - The case itself is fine and I don't mind having 1 Tombstone case in my collection. There is one section of lining though that feels like the glue might be a little loose. No big deal but  if it bothers me, I may swap it out with another case if I get any more in the future.


      All in all I very much like this guitar and am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I would say for those of you that own the ESP KH-2 SE, this thing is like the Greenburst but with much better workmanship. It plays killer, looks killer and when I get the pickups dialed it it will probably sound killer as well.

      A side note about the guitar's appearance. I liked it a lot because it reminded me of a customized car which used to be a hobby of mine. The jacquard print reminds me of when people used to line their interiors with Gucci or Lousi Vuitton fabric (or when Stephen Carpenter of Deftones "lined" his guitar). The streaky fretboard evokes a nice woodgrain steering wheel, and the (mostly) plain black pickup covers remind me of some blacked out rims. I used to be big into this when I lived in St. Louis, Missouri and was a lot younger. I would spend probably 5 nights a week on the east side of the river in Southern IL at the many strip clubs with the strippers oooing and ahhing over our rides. The area code over there was 618 so I felt it was appropriate that the serial started with 618 to help capture that sleazy, superficial, appearance oriented feeling, but this one also has some substance under the hood. So I've got the paint, I've got the woodgrain, all I need is some fine leather to hang it from and that is coming next week.


      If anyone has any further questions on the guitar please feel free to post them here or PM me.


    • Pushead

      Do you feel the scalloping on the high frets? Can you tell when the frets are that small? I've never played a scalloped neck before, so I'm just curious.

    • Big Daddy B

      Honestly I do feel it more on this guitar than I do on the SE or did with the DC. Personally though I could take it or leave it. I don't think it provides any benefit to my playing mechanics. I also don't feel it detracts. The experience probably varies from player to player. 

    • Pushead

      I'm going to come over to try.