• Road King

      This is such an exciting time. I'll wait until Monday to see if there's going to be a KH-30 or not. If not, I'll probably pick up a 7 string.

      The new Korn sig is nice, but basswood? This ain't Ibanez. I was looking at the horizon with the proper reversed headstock, but it looks like they ditched the tom bridge for a Hipshot. So I'm looking at the Susi model now, but Evertune - can we trust it?

    • BlackJack21

      No need to wait until Monday, here's the catalog for this year and it's not in there.

      2017 ESP Product Catalog

    • Road King

      No need to wait until Monday, here's the catalog for this year and it's not in there.

      2017 ESP Product Catalog


      I see they added a tele and a hard tail M series to the USA line. This pleases me greatly.

    • Big Daddy B

      No need to wait until Monday, here's the catalog for this year and it's not in there.

      2017 ESP Product Catalog


      Yeah but sometimes in years past they will add models mid-year though and even update the catalogs with a "summer edition", or if it's released late in the year, put it in the following years catalog. The Tales from the Grave LTD comes to mind and I think it was 2011 where they did a summer refresh of the catalog.

      I gotta admit, even though it's not getting much support, I kinda like the Demonology. It reminds me of the guitars from the 90s which were all black M-2s with subtle artistic variations...ie. KH-2, original ouija, KH-4. Although, I do agree it would have been better with some different inlays. Wonder if we will see the other one with the dia de los muertos theme released as well...say around Halloween.

    • Sephiroth

       I'm with Pushead on this one. I'll pass.

    • Brandon A.

      I like it. If I didn't have a KH2 I'd be down for one


      We really need a black Iron Cross though.  Bad.

    • Big Daddy B

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      Flowerpot inlays?? I don't understand man, can you please explain or post pics of what you're talking about.


      Pap, take a look at the inlays on the second pic where it is angled.They are trapezoidal, not flag


    • ESP 348

      Kirk Hammett celebrating 30 years with ESP with an LTD guitar!!!!!!!

      FFS!! As cool as this guitar is, what a disappointment!

      I am going to call Matt Masciandaro now and tell him to wake up to himself.

      Hopefully they do a mid year release of something cool from ESP to celebrate Kirk's 30 years with ESP.

      Even if they make an ESP Demonology guitar, but with some different inlays. Inlays like the graphics on the guitar body itself would have been good enough for me.

      But an LTD guitar, as cool as it looks............pass.

      • Guiguitarz

        This is so sad ... Even the last inlay is "KH-602" ... No effort from the ESP team regarding Kirk's signature since long time ... James is the priority.

        I'll -of course- pass on that one ... Berk.

      • ESP 348

        What a VERY disappointing cash grab from ESP. :(

        Using stinking old left over KH-602 guitars and printing this Demonology crap all over it and expecting hard core Hammett fans to purchase this guitar.

        A piss poor effort from ESP. :(

    • Road King

      I expect to see a white KH with angelology scribblings come summer NAMM for us goody two shoes.

    • Breadfan32

      I watched the Andertons video on YouTube where Chris Canella (not sure spelling) said Kirk asks them to make him 5 LTDs this being one of them and they decided the day before Namm they would put it in production.  The only model seems to be this prototype for Kirk so maybe there will be a few changes to the final model. 


    • ESP 348

      Cheers Breadfan, I just watched the Anderson's video that AK posted up in regards to this.

      Kirk wanted 5x LTD guitars made for him, shame he didn't ask for 5x ESP guitars made for him. Lol

      Here is the video, go to 10.05 and you will see them talk about the new Demonolgy guitar.

    • ESP 348

      I just made an interesting discovery.

      I just found the video again where Kirk is being interviewed by Dunlop TV as I wanted to show a friend of mine the Mummy Jr guitar Kirk owns.

      As I start watching this video again, I noticed what looks like to be the Demonology guitar. Well, at least version of it.

      At 54 seconds into the video, the video shows a glimpse of the back of what looks like the Demonology guitar. Maybe it's not a guitar, but it looks like one.........kinda.

      You can see the 'coffin' cover for the wiring and you can definitely see the graphics all over it, including the text "To Kirk Hammett" written across the back of it.

      This video was dated 24-2-14. Nearly 3 years ago this (guitar?) obviously existed and ESP and Kirk must have modified it slightly and turned it into an LTD model.

      I still can't post pictures so I can't get a screen shot up of the guitar unfortunately. But watch the video yourselves, take a look and see what you guys think.

    • ESP 348

      Ok, so I watched the video right through again and just realised that Demonology crap is actually painted on the back of Kirk's one off guitar painted by Mark Ryden.

      So that is where the idea came from the Demonolgy gutiar. I wonder if Kirk had Mark re-do the design for this guitar or if ESP just copied it.

      If you watch that video at 10m 12 seconds in you will see that guitar. It also has ESP written across the 12th fret.

    • ESP 348

      And if you watch the video at 9m 53seconds you will see a white Ouija with chrome hardware. I never noticed that before.

      And if I am not mistaken, I can't see any covers on the back for the wiring or the tremelo. Can someone take a look and confirm this also.

      There is only the battery 'ash tray' on the back from what I can see watching this video on my computer.

      • Hypnotoad6969

        Kirk, like a lot of guitarists, leave the back plates off so their techs can adjust action without having to undo all the screws.  Watch any footage of the black album marathon tour, or even the justice tour when they were  a doing 300 shows  year - you pretty much never see a backplate. I'd assume he wants the action a bit higher for the slower, bluesey songs, and the action hot rod low for fast thrashy shit.  Then of course they have a few songs with a slide now too...   

      • ESP 348

        Thanks for the reply mate, I already knew all of that.

        I actually can't see a back cover plate at all, meaning that it's not missing...................it was never screwed on the first place.

        That or my eyes are playing tricks on me. But I can't see any screws there for the back cover plate, can't see a back cover plate and I can't see an open cavity where the tremelo springs/block etc would be.

        It might be my eyes or my computer monitor, but I can't see any back cover plate on that guitar.

    • Big Daddy B

      The Mark Ryden I believe has different graphics from the Demonology. It also appeared to have black nickel hardware. Yes the Chrome Ouija has been documented. I am not sure of the black plate colors. My guess would be black if it was not made at the same time as the 50 white limited release. Kirk has a white one with black hardware and black back plates as well.