• ProfessorExp

    The LTD that never comes...

    Since we never got that black and gold LTD Iron Cross, I made one to go with my white one. I had an aged vintage black EC-256 already that I rewired the switches and added a Truckster LTD headstock emblem, so I added satin gold Sperzels, a satin gold Tone Pros bridge & tailpiece, brushed gold EMG 57/66, and a plastic cross and vinyl stripe I found on eBay a while back. The cross needed some work to look somewhat authentic. I used a dremel to bevel the edges, then layered a few different metallic spray paints to get the desired color. Unfortunately I broke the bottom piece off in the process but nothing a little glue can't fix lol. I bought the 57/66 set back before the Het Set was available in different colors, otherwise I would've used those. The only thing that really irks me is that the control layout prevents me from putting a pickguard on, but I can live with that. The last pic is the guitar when it was new, 2009 or so. 



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