• ESP 348

      Sorry to hear of this mess Peter, but I am just wondering why you purchased the guitar back if you already have one that is mint and this one is fucked.

      And you paid $5000 for it. IF Erick doesn't refund you your money, you have now paid $9000 for a guitar that is fucked.

      It is very hard for me to wrap my head around all this mate.

      • Madrocker P.

        Thanks for the kind words. You're right that I took a hit when Erick didnt return the guitar I attempted to sell to him. I always see the best in people and hope that he'll do the right thing but time can only tell.

        The reason I bought this guitar is because Im a avid USA Dime collector/player and keep rotating guitars in my collection. This is one of those special USA Dimes that has skyrocketed in value in the past 12 years (in 2004 only $2500) where refurbishing it now at the $4k buy price is worth it. Im confident.

    • ESP 348

      Ok mate, thanks for the explanation and best of luck with it all.

    • Madrocker P.

      Here's proof that for up to 3 months after the guitar transaction, PayPal and myself, were hounding Erick to return ship back my guitar to me. All messages fell upon deaf ears.


      PP-002-252-423-861 *REQUIRED ACTION*  
      To beruha11@mail.ru
      Cc coolblast13@yahoo.com
      Tuesday, May 7, 2013 9:50 PM

      Dear Erick Erickovich,

      Complaint Details
      Buyer's name: Erick Erickov
      Buyer's email: beruha11@mail.ru
      Transaction ID: 31096369T6658541A

      Transaction date: Feb 3, 2013
      Transaction amount: $4,000.00 USD
      Your transaction ID: 3G9943500L5824119
      Case number: PP-002-252-423-861

      A refund in the amount of $$4000.00 has been awarded to you. The seller has
      responded and is asking that your return the item. It is against PayPal
      policy for one party to have the item and the money. Please return the item
      to your seller.  Please use a shipping method that provides you with a
      tracking number that can be viewed online.

      The seller has provided the following shipping address: 

      Peter Rijkmans
      403 - 165 Edmonton Ave.
      British Columbia V2A 2G9

      Please respond to the seller and provide tracking within 10 days to avoid
      any interruptions in your PayPal account. 

      Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


      Protection Services Department
      PayPal, an eBay Company

      Copyright © 1999-2013 PayPal. All rights reserved.

    • Road King

      Seems legit.

      You should probably remove your home address unless you want to be swatted or receive 300 pizzas.

    • Madrocker P.

      The reason I left the return shipping info in this posting is to show that PayPal told Erick where to return ship the guitar for up to 3 months after the transaction. There's absolutely no reason why I shouldn't have had my guitar sent back to me. These messages from PayPal and myself were ignored.


    • Madrocker P.

      This PayPal message above clearly shows that Erick had his $4000 refunded for the USA Washburn Dime 3 diamond plate I sold to him where PayPal also states Erick is required to return the guitar to the seller at the address listed.

      How can you possibly deny these PayPal *Action Required* emails up to 3 months after the transaction???

      Instead you decide to keep my guitar and sell it to ESP forum member EZGUITARS for $5000 where you pocketed all the money!!

      Please do the right thing and fix this.

    • Madrocker P.

      I thought the exact same thing but found out the hard way that PayPal Seller Protection is weak. PayPal confirmed they would do everything about contacting Erick telling him it's against PayPal policy to have both the auction item guitar AND the PayPal $4000 refund. They instructed Erick to return ship the guitar to me at stated address and to provide online tracking info.  Needless to say the guitar was never returned to me where instead I find out later on that Erick sold my guitar to ESP forum member EZGUITARS for $5000 . PayPal informs me that a PayPal refund that's been released to the buyer cannot be reversed. Painful lesson learned about PayPal Seller Protection.

    • Madrocker P.

      Initially, Erick wanted to purchase my USA Washburn Dime3 diamond plate for $4000.Transaction was done thru PayPal. Erick decided against keeping the guitar and received a full PayPal $4000 refund. PayPal instructs Erick, via several emails, to return my guitar which doesnt happen. Instead, Erick Erickovich sells my guitar to ESP forum member EZGUITARS for $5000 and then decides to keep ALL the money!!!

      In an a nutshell; I have my USA Washburn Dime3 diamond plate stolen and Erick Erickovich is $5000 richer!!!

      A number of you requested the PayPal messages which I've shared.  Anyone else needing these messages feel free to contact me.

    • Oscar  Z.

      Ufffffffff,awesome collection ¡congratulation$!

    • Madrocker P.

      Indeed awesome collection. It's unfortunate that Erick Erickovich doesn't buy all his guitars as he decided to steal my $4000 USA Washburn Dime 3 diamond plate and sell it for profit. I've been sharing the PayPal log of this transaction with forum members to expose this thief/scam artist and warn people to beware. Anyone feel free to contact me for official Paypal proof.







    • Madrocker P.

      As expected Erick Erickovich simply ignores the truth and  physical paypal proof about him stealing my $4000 USA Washburn Dime 3 diamond plate guitar. Honest ESP forum member EZ Guitars can confirm that the guitar was sold to him afterwards without his knowledge of it being stolen.

      Now Erick Erickovich resorts to threatning me and family thru personal emails after him being exposéd as a thief. My response is the same as its always been; I want him to compensate me for the stolen guitar. Erick should also apologize to ESP forum member EZ Guitars, who is an honest and legit guitar trader, for selling him a stolen guitar. He was very disappointed when he found out the truth!!


    • Troy Ho

      Would you ever sell the ESP KKV-380 Crackle Finish?


      Troy Ho

    • Troy Ho

      I would also be interested in the ESP Seasons in the Abyss guitar. Please let me know if you would sell.



      Troy Ho

    • Madrocker P.

      Be super careful and be sure you check the background of any guitar this guy wheels and deals. He stole my $4000 USA Washburn Dime 3 diamondplate and sold it to ESP forum member EZ Guitars who had no knowledge it was stolen. Erick Erickovich thinks he's beyond reproach and honest trading because he lives in Russia. Paypal proof available to anyone interested.

    • Pushead

      Also be super careful that you don't sell him a busted guitar (I mean one "damaged in shipping") and then leave it sit at his place for like 18 months before remembering that you wanted it back. Because even 4 years later you might have to visit web forums to bitch and moan about it.