• Mechanevil

    JH600EC - No love?

    Seen a few posts selling and describing JH600s. Anyone tried out the JH600EC model? Specs look killer, I was primarily interested in it for the Eclipse shape with shorter 24.75" scale length and 24 frets, besides the Kahler bridge, which I think would work better for heavier gauge strings than a Floyd Rose, which would require an additional spring and loses a lot of finesse with higher gauges. 

    Not a lot of posts about this guitar, or even any reviews. Interested in knowing whether anyone on these forums has tried one out and what you thought about it? What's the quality like versus a "Deluxe" Ltd guitar, such as the EC-1000?

    •  Gear Orphanage

      I think they are Fantastic.  My first Real guitar had a Kahler bridge and i swore by it.  I am glad ESP offers a guitar with a Khaler. The star inlays are killer as well.

      R.I.P Jeff.

    • Shockers

      Great specs, just personal preference to me is an Eclipse shape and a trem don't go together like KH3 etc (same as they should be set neck and mahogany).  But thats just my predisposition to what a certain geet should have, nothing against the guitar. 

    • Mechanevil

      I bought one! Absolutely fantastic for a production model guitar. The Kahler is actually pretty cool, retains all the sound of the wood because there's no routing involved. A very nice playing and looking guitar, I'm glad I took the plunge. And the scale length makes me feel invincible, so nice after 25.5" for all these years :)

    • D-EJ915

      I was pretty interested in this model since I dig stars...I know just the inlays but whatever.  Anyway the one I played (at guitar center) was very heavy and just felt awkward to play.  Maybe it was because I am not used to a Kahler bridge (my other guitars have floyd or tune-o-matic style) but I just didn't like it very much.  Aside from that the inlays looked awful, they were very dull (as opposed to the online photos) and had a lot of filler (when the inlay and hole are not cut properly it is used to "fill" the space).  Aside from the inlays everything else seemed fine though, finish looked fine and the frets were all nice.