• Synix

    MP-600 best guitar I've bought

    Yeah, I bought it second hand for £499.99 off of Ebay with a stagg hard case and it's turned out to be the best guitar I own, but i guess it should be considering its the most expenicive guitar as well.

    Came in the stagg case like I said and I was kind of worried when I saw that the case had two of the clasps broken, but my concerns were completely misplaced and when I opened the case the guitar was in near flawless condition aside from a little bit of sweat rust on the tuners, he'd even put a new set of strings on it for me.

    Only fault I've had with it was it came with a low E saddle that was cut WAY too high and the string kept slipping out and I can't see this being something he'd done as if anything he'd have lowered it so i assume it had to come from the factory but it's not a major concern, one trip down the to local music store and it was sorted.

    This is my first ESP purchese and it won't be my last, it's a beauitful guitar and the neck is just... wow... I used to be an Ibanez player so you know I love skinny necks and this ESP is just beautiful under my fingers and more props to ESP; the gloss! normaly I hate glossed necks because they gunk up and slow me down so I was planning to use some wet-dry to strip the shine back to satin but no need at all! it's perfect the way it is!