• Turtle m.

    Esp KH-DC info needed

    I recently bought one of these. Great guitar. It's certainly the best guitar that I own. It was made in 2012 and is not a custom shop version.

    anyone know the difference between this version and the custom shop version? All of the specs I've seen online are the same but the CS is double the price. There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on the internet on these guitars. 

    I guess they haven't sold many. I can't imagine why it's an amazing guitar. 

    • Peter K.

      KH-DC is only Signature version w/ SS-serial number (Standard Series plant), is never been CS w/ K-serial (Kiso CS). The new prices is unbelievable... and now he has a new "Signature Series" stamp on backside of headstock. Congrats with great guitar for good price  Really cool guitar! 

      • Turtle m.

        Thanks for the response. Yup my serial starts with SS. What makes the CS shop so much more expensive? Better wood, hardware, paint etc...? This there a different process building CS KH-DC? 


        I mean I get it if you are getting a guitar custom made to order with specs outside of ESP's product line. But I can't imagine paying that much for a guitar because of a different stamp on the back of the headstock.