• James O.

    Dull-looking KH-602 Fretboard

    Hey guys, need some help with my guitar.  I've had my guitar at my parents' while I was away at college and haven't touched it for a year or two.  I went over to pick it up and noticed the fretboard was pretty dull-looking.  I cleaned the gunk and grime off with some #0000 fine steel wool and placed some lemon oil (Kyser Dr. Stringfellow) on it.  After wiping it down, it looked and felt great.  In the morning I noticed the fretboard looked dull again!  I sprayed the fretboard down with lemon oil and let it sit for the day while I went to school.  (I'm learning that I shouldn't have allowed the oil to sit)  Anyway, it's looking better but still somewhat dull.  Anything I should try or do differently?

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