• David G.

    My ESP's


    Just wanted to share my beauties with you all, 

    I absolutley love the weight and feel of the KH3 - its the 2010 custom shop neck through edition - my pride! :)

    The 2013 EC1000sEMG is also go to be one of the best non-Gibson Les Pauls i've played, next to my mates LTD Truckster.

    The KH25 has been loaded with EMG 81 and 60 - lots of people saying I shouldve just bought the KH602 at the time, but I like the "limited run" idea of the KH25...


    Oh BTW - Fixxxer is the name of my old Metallica covers band that used to do the pub curcuit in the UK. Now we are known as Metallica Reloaded and play some of the biggest venues and festivals in Europe.... 


    with out my TE212



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