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    So I Played a JH Snakebyte...

    It was an LTD model at GC, but I digress.

    My initial thoughts when I grabbed it off the wall hanger was that that it was insanely heavy, gotta love Mahogany.
    My second thought was the Surprising aspect of the Guitar, being the Neck.

    Good God was it thin! and Fast!

    Over all it was a great sounding Axe with the 81(b) 60(n) EMG combo.

    Kinda hard to get used to the radical change the body takes from its MX (explorer) predecessors. I will say I rescind any Previous statements I made (none of which were made here) about how ugly the guitar is...

    really it is a sexy Axe, and the head stock is pretty wicked. I will say I hate the Snake inlay at the 12th.

    Over all a 7 out of 10 and for me not worth the grand they're asking for...

    I'm not much for Signature Guitars these days and more into Super Strats.

    What I will say for all you fans of "Teh Jaymes" This will be the Axe to purchase for your collection...:rollin


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