• GhostScythe

    LTD Truckster or Alexi 600 Scythe

    Hello I have a question im thinkin of buying a new guitar but I am not sure if to buy a James Hetfield Truckster or and Alexi Scythe, wich one do you choose and why????

    • XMetalChefX

      This is a really personalized question, truth is you can go either way. Scythe is a metal machine, and is gonna be more linear in use as it only has the bridge pickup (you didint specify if it was a new scythe with an active or an older with a passive humbucker). Truckster will have more versatility obviously given its two pickups with a 3 way.


      Also, The scythe has a floyd, truckster doesnt. If you are going to want to change string guages, tuning, etc often, a floyd will be a nightmare. Its a cruel mistress and wants to be taken care of just so, and if you dont know how to set them up you put yourself in a hurt locker, and GENERALLY have to take it to a pro to get a set up everytime you change guages. I AM NOT SAYING that a truckster WONT need a set up if you go from a set of 45-10 to 62-13, but you can get away with it a tad more. Plus, you can throw on a good medium guage set that could cover all the different tuning (like in a jam session)

      Obviously the asthetics are night and day, and that is a factor. What I would do if I were you is step away, and REALLY lo0ok at what your needs are. If you are someone in a band, that plays one style of music, and you dont need alot of versatility, go with the scythe. If you are jamming with people, and are mostly alone in the bedroom, you will want something where you have a more colorful tonal pallete at your finger tips. If you have another guitar of similar quality and adornments as the truckster, I would go scythe. If you are looking for something that will be well rounded and serve you over multiple spectrums, go truckster.

      Hope this helps!

      • GhostScythe

        Thanks for the comments I had an Alexi Scythe but they stoled last week and I am thinking of buying a new one, but recently I also bougth and Snakebyte and I just loved it thats why I think of buying a Trucker. And I agree in a lot of things you put in the post.

    • Shockers

      I have just bought a LTD Truckster, should be here mid week.  Played it in store and loved it.  Fan of the EC shape and the Het Set is standard.
      Having said that I am a rhythm player mostly and leave the flashy stuff for others.  I do have a LTD KH Ouija for that ;).
      As XMetalChefX said, it is a highly personal question.  Have you played either or both?  What do you want to do with it?  Are you an Eclipse or V player?

      Get both!

    • Cornpunks

      If you are from the UK I have the following for sale:-


      ESP Truckster (Grey)

      ESP SV White (Black pinstripes)




      BC Rich KK Signature G1 (Neck Thru version)

      Ibanex S520ex (black)

    • Mitch L

      Like everyone else is saying its more of a person opinion then anything. Alexi has a nice guitar, i owned his 200 white one a few years ago and i liked it. James' truckster series is a really nice smooth playing guitar. His pickups are beyond amazing as they do have a nice punch to them. Everyone has their own style so I'd hit up guitar center one of these days and start testing it. I got James' Snakbyte last year, thought it would play good, but it just wasn't for me.